Wanted : Single T or Double T partitioned basket or complete bottom end for 8-10 passengers.
Wanted: Cameron N-120 PH-GHB
Wanted: Cameron N-120 PH-GHB. To anyone who can help... We're trying to find out where this envelope went to after its deregistration from the Dutch Aircraft Registry at September 17th, 2004. Neither the operator or the sponsor do know where the envelope currently is. I really would like to hear all useful informations about this envelope, to find out where it is as we would like to use the crown ring for a rebuild project.
Wanted: 2x V20 cylinders
Wanted: 2x Lindstrand LBL or Thunder & Colt V20 cylinders
Wanted: Envelope
Wanted: Envelope, not airworthy, max 77 or 90, preferably colorful, free of artwork, smell and mildew. All offers will be evaluated.
Wanted: Ultramagic MK21 double burner
Wanted: Ultramagic MK21 double burner, no frame required.
Wanted: 210 envelopes, complete 240-275
Wanted on behalf of other pilots: 210 envelope(s), 240-275 complete set. Any offers welcome!
Wanted: Flytec 4020
Wanted: Flytec 4020, any offer considered
Wanted: Transponder mode A, C and/or S
Wanted: Transponder mode A, C and/or S, in good condition. All offers will be considered.
Wanted: Parachute
Wanted: Parachute, for decorative purposes. Doesn't have to be airworthy. Should be colorful and not smell or be mouldy.
Wanted: 2 pilots for the 2019 season
Wanted: 2 pilots for the 2019 season, Spain, work contract from April to October, accommodation will be provided. EASA license group D and Class 2 medical required, as well as driving license (preferably B+E). If interested, please send CV.