Wanted: Cameron N-120 PH-GHB
Wanted: Cameron N-120 PH-GHB. To anyone who can help... We're trying to find out where this envelope went to after its deregistration from the Dutch Aircraft Registry at September 17th, 2004. Neither the operator or the sponsor do know where the envelope currently is. I really would like to hear all useful informations about this envelope, to find out where it is as we would like to use the crown ring for a rebuild project.
Wanted: Ultramagic bottom end
Wanted: Ultramagic bottom end, C3 (1.30m x 1.10m) or C10 (1.45m x 1.15m) basket with Ultramagic burner.
Wanted: 2x V20 cylinders
Wanted: 2x Lindstrand LBL or Thunder & Colt V20 cylinders
Wanted: Any 40kg / 80L cylinders
Wanted: Any 40kg / 80L cylinders, stainless steel, with REGO fitting. Should have valid EASA Form 1.
Wanted: Caterpillar-track transporter
Wanted: Caterpillar-track transporter, should be capable to carry 350 kgs, can either be with or without box for envelope - will be used for a 250.
Wanted: Lindstrand Cloudhopper bottom end
Wanted: Lindstrand Series 2 Cloudhopper bottom end, burner and frame. Cash waiting
Wanted: Envelopes or complete sets 250-350
Wanted: Envelopes or complete sets 250-350, brand not important. All export paperwork will be paid for, shipping will be organized by us. Offers from European sellers preferred.
Wanted: Pilot for the 2020 season
Wanted: Pilot for the 2020 season, starting in March/April until end of October. Located in Prague / Benesov (Central Bohemia) with a daily flight schedule, flying balloons of different sizes up to 350.000 ft3 / 10.000 m3. If you don't have the right rating yet, we are happy to get you there. Minimum 300 hrs of experience and EASA BPL required (can help with re-qualification) with Category B rating with possibility to move to C soon. You should be customer-oriented, communicative, reliable, fluent in English, have clean safety record, driving license with BE qualification, European passport or the right to work in Czech Republic. Maintenance skills as well as an entrepreneur spirit are welcome. More information about our company can be found on https://www.balloonadventures.cz/. Please send us your CV and background information and we will get back to you.
Wanted: Complete 225 to 250
Wanted: Complete set 225 to 250, max 300 hrs, with basket for 10 passengers.
Wanted: 90 - 120 envelope
Wanted: 90 - 120 envelope, without commercial branding, should be fitted with turning vents and be compatible with Lindstrand bottom end.
Wanted: 2x Ultramagic M30 cylinder
Wanted: 2x Ultramagic M30 cylinder, preferably with TEMA fitting. All offers will be considered.
Wanted: 180-210 equipment
Wanted: 180-210 equipment, either complete sets or envelopes or bottom ends. Please send details including pictures and price suggestion.
Wanted: Worner Size 4 gas balloon basket
Wanted: Worner Size 4 gas balloon basket, with sleeping flap. Preferably lightweight sports option but would consider regular edition.