Wanted: Cameron Titanium tank
Wanted: Cameron Titanium tank, either CB2383 (80L) and/or CB2380 (60L). Tanks with any connectors, expired PPT or old PRV's as well as maintenance of valves or gauge needed are of interest as well.
Wanted: Envelope around 140.000 ft3 / 4.000 m3
Wanted: Envelope, size around 140.000 ft3 / 4.000 m3, in good condition. Any offers will be considered.
Wanted: 2x V20 cylinders
Wanted: 2x Lindstrand LBL or Thunder & Colt V20 cylinders
Wanted: 80 liter cylinders
Wanted: 80 liter (40kg) cylinders, any offer considered.
Wanted: Complete system or parts
Wanted: Complete system or parts, Cameron Z-275 envelope, Cameron 250 double T basket with triple Stratus or Shadow burner. Should have flown no more than 400 hrs.
Wanted: Single burner
Wanted: Single burner for 77 balloon, should have two main valves and be not older than 15 years. Preferably REGO.
Wanted: Double burner
Wanted: Double burner, either Cameron Stratus or Lindstrand LBL Jetstream Series 2. Can be with either REGO or TEMA fittings.
Wanted: 77/84 bottom end
Wanted: 77/84 bottom end, preferably Cameron or Ultramagic, should have EASA Form 1.