Ultramagic C3 77/90 basket
Ultramagic C3 77/90 basket, built 12/2007, approximately 100 hrs/flights. Wwept top, blue leather top rim. Outside dimensions 1.30m x 1.10m. In excellent condition apart from one rope handle - see picture, can easily be covered up. Currently stored in Spain but can help to arrange shipping if required.
Cameron CB300-4A basket
Cameron CB300-4A basket, built 1990, approximately 550 hrs. Brown suede top rim, cushion floor, 4 karabiners, drop line, fire extinguisher, document bag, 7 leather straps. Last inspected July 2016, rarely used since.
Cameron 105/120 flat top basket
Cameron 105/120 flat top basket, built 2003, CB8019. Outside dimensions 1.70m x 1.13m.
Cameron 120 open basket
Cameron 120 open basket, red suede top rim. 1.86 x 1.20m. internal height 1.04m, external height 1.14. Can be shipped but costs not included. In used condition.