Homebuilt 77 basket
Homebuilt 77 basket, built 2002, outside dimensions 1.25m x 1.1m, outside height 1.24m high. Blue leather top rim, weighs 37 kg. In good and strong shape.
Colt 105/120 basket
Colt 105/120 basket, built 1989, brown suede top rim, cushion floor, fire extinguisher, 4 karabiners, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, 8 leather belts, cordura basket cover. Outside dimensions 1.40 x 1.15m, outside height 1.19m. Weight only 60kg, in good and strong shape, no distortion.
Thunder & Colt 105-120 basket
Thunder & Colt 105-120 (CB8022) hi-spec basket, inside dimensions 1.50m x 1.02m, inner height 1.12m. Black leather top rim, weight 88 kg. In good condition.
Cameron 120 open basket
Cameron 120 open basket (CB303), black suede top rim, inside dimensions 1.85m x 1.10m. 8 leather tank belts, drop line. Some minor damages on the suede top rim. In used but airworthy condition.
Lindstrand LBL double T basket
Lindstrand LBL double T basket, built 1994, approximately 900 flights/hrs. Red leather top rim. Outside dimensions 2.60m x 1.52m. Fire extinguisher, drop line. Poles and covers included, NO cushion floor or sidewall padding.