Aircotec ACT 5000
Aircotec ACT 5000, in good working order
Garmin Oregon 550T
Garmin Oregon 550T GPS in good working condition
Aircotec ACT5000
Aircotec ACT5000, with bag and manual. 10 years old, works 100%. Case for battery is fixed with Tesa. Printed manual in German and English. Altimeter in ft or meters. Vario up to 20 m/s. Audible variometer (2 types of interval). Envelope temperature measurement with highly sensitive pyrometer - no cables or transmission. Stop watch.
Dittel FSG-5
Dittel FSG-5 handheld airband transceiver, 25 kHz channel spacing, inside and outside in as new condition. With charger. Price when new approximately € 2.000,-.
2x Delcom 960 air band transceiver
2x Delcom 960 air band transceiver, 25 kHz channel spacing. In working order. One with battery, the other one with battery eliminator for car use. With charger and hand microphone. Selling as is.
Icom IC-A110
Icom IC-A110, 8.33 kHz channel spacing, very powerful, with brand new HM-161 microphone.
2x Vertex VXA-300 Pilot III air band transceivers
2x Vertex VXA-300 Pilot III air band transceivers, first used in 2012. Compact and rugged handset with VOR navigation, transmission power of up to 5 watts, VOR navigation, backlit display and keys, memory for 250 frequencies. High performance NiMH battery, 8.33 kHz channel spacing. Comes with NiMH battery, belt clip, 220V desk charger, antenna, headset adapter.
Garrecht VT-01 mode S transponder
Garrecht VT-01 mode S transponder, built 2015, with antenna. Class 1 Transponder, in sturdy aluminium box with internal 12V 7Ah battery, resettable fuse, voltage indicator circuit protection, battery charger and backlit LCD display. Weighs 6kg, 200 x 95 x 260 mm. Can store up to 5 hexadecimal callsigns. ETSO-2C112b / ED-73B certified, mode A/C and S level 2 mode, squitter extension. Built-in altitude encoder, max 40.000 feet. 10-32V DC power supply. Rated output power min. 220 W. Average power consumption at 13.8 V DC: 0.35 A.
Dittel KRT2-S in case
Dittel KRT2-S in case, purchased March 2018, 8.33 kHz channel spacing. With charger, microphone, user manual in English and German. Battery in very good condition, can be used for circa 10 flights without recharging. Price when new was € 1580,-.
Icom IC-A22E air band transceiver
Icom IC-A22E air band transceiver, with 220V charger and 12V car charger. In good working condition, except exhausted battery that needs replacement.
Flytec 3040
Flytec 3040, vario in feet per minute. In as new condition.