Icom IC-A120E
Icom IC-A120E, 8.33 kHz channel spacing, comes with standard Icom mounting bracket, microphone and antenna connector. In very good condition.
Icom IC-A110E
Icom IC-A110E, 8.33 kHz channel spacing, comes with magnetic antenna, cigarette lighter power lead, microphone, mounting cradle with velcro to mount on vehicle dashboard. In very good condition.
Avionics unit
Avionics unit with Funkwerk VHF radio (8.33 kHz channel spacing) and Trig TT21 transponder. Power take off socket for GPS or laptop. Aluminium case, Lindstrand cordura bag with pockets for spares and strap fixing loops to mount inside basket. Separate battery pack, easily removable for charging, good for around 7 hours of continuous use of radio and transponder. Comes with charger and battery. Antennas etc. not included.
Dittel FSG 71M portable station
Dittel FSG 71M portable station (25 kHz channel spacing) with microphone, antenna, new battery, integrated charger, hard protection cover, extra ballooning bag.
3x Flytec 3040 instrument
3x Flytec 3040 instrument, vario in meters per second.
Instrument box
Instrument box with Funke airband transceiver, 8.33 kHz channel spacing, with Dittel speakermike. Winter Altimeter (in feet) and Variometer (in meter per second).
Various air band transceiver items
Various air band transceiver items, a variety of items, only for sale as the whole lot together.
Dittel KRT-2 air band transceiver
Dittel KRT-2 air band transceiver, 8.33 kHz channel spacing, installed in Filser GS-1 box, with metal antenna which can be folded into the unit for storage. 6 Ah gel battery, external charger, CD with digital manuals.