Icom IC-A110
Icom IC-A110, 8.33 kHz channel spacing, very powerful, with brand new HM-161 microphone.
Funkwerk TRT800H-OLED transponder
Funkwerk TRT800H-OLED transponder, built 2012, with external memory. Comes with EASA Form 1. In perfect condition, ready to fly.
Dittel FSG60M air band transceiver
Dittel FSG60M air band transceiver in 40 PC case. 25 kHz channel spacing. Battery changed in 10/2011. Including antenna and microphone. One small corner of case is broken.
Dittel FSG 71 transceiver
Dittel FSG 71 transceiver in case, with antenna, microphone and new battery. 25 kHz channel spacing. Recently inspected, in perfect condition.
Flytec 6040 with TT34 transmitter
Flytec 6040 with TT34 transmitter, purchased 04/2015, works perfectly, some scratches but only cosmetic. Screen was always protected by film screen protector.
Garmin GPS 92
Garmin GPS 92, in red Lindstrand bag, in good working condition.
Becker GK415 / AR6201 air band transceiver
Becker GK415 case with AR6201 air band transceiver, 8.33 kHz channel spacing, with speaker mike, antenna, bag and charger. Very rugged and reliable radio, in as new condition.
3x Dittel FSG5
3x Dittel FSG5. 25 kHz channel spacing. 2 are with regular charger, one with car charger.
Funkwerk TRT800H transponder
Funkwerk TRT800H transponder, in GS-7 case, with antenna, charger and Schroeder basket bag. Used but in good condition, ready to fly.
Vertex Standard VXA-300
Vertex Standard VXA-300 airband transceiver. 25 kHz channel spacing for transmitting, 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing for receiving. VOR and CDI navigation. Comes with charger, battery, antenna and headset adapter Used but in good working condition.
Dittel case with accessories
Dittel PC case with antenna and microphone. Battery changed in 01/2019. Small damage to one corner of case, see pictures.
Barograph, used but in working condition. Might need calibration.