Dittel FSG 71 tranceiver
Dittel FSG 71 tranceiver in Lindstrand bag, serial number 11110.
Ball 655
Ball 655 altimeter/variometer, with mount for basket and wired temperature sensor
Dittel KRT2-S
Dittel KRT2-S in Dittel PC70 box, 8.33 kHz channel spacing, with antenna, microphone, built-in 220V charger, loudspeaker on top, red cordura bag with cylinder strap, user manual. Ready to use. Comes with EASA Form 1.
Dittel FSG 5 air band transceiver
Dittel FSG 5 air band transceiver, 25 kHz channel spacing, with charger.
Flytec 3040 with TT34
Flytec 3040 with TT34 temperature transmitter, in good working condition.
Becker ATC 2000 mode A/C transponder
Becker ATC 2000 mode A/C transponder, in rigid metal box. 250 W RF peak power, with antenna, charger, instruction manual and documents.
Avionics unit
Avionics unit, Funke TRT800H-LCD transponder with ADS-B and TQ KRT2-S VHF air band transceiver. Purchased in 2017, used for approximately 5 flights. Comes with antenna's, charger cord and carrying bag.