Dittel FSG5
Dittel FSG5, 25 kHz, needs repair: water damage, working but doesn't transmit voice. Charger included.
Icom IC-A110
Icom IC-A110, 8.33 kHz channel spacing, very powerful, with brand new HM-161 microphone.
Dittel FSG60M air band transceiver
Dittel FSG60M air band transceiver in 40 PC case. 25 kHz channel spacing. Battery changed in 10/2011. Including antenna and microphone. One small corner of case is broken.
Dittel FSG 71 transceiver
Dittel FSG 71 transceiver in case, with antenna, microphone and new battery. 25 kHz channel spacing. Recently inspected, in perfect condition.
Ball 655 altimeter
Ball 655 altimeter, in reasonable, working condition.
Garmin GPS 92
Garmin GPS 92, in red Lindstrand bag, in good working condition.
Becker AR3201
Becker AR3201 air band transceiver, 25 kHz channel spacing. In good working condition, with speaker mike.
Schroeder Variotel with temperature transmitter
Schroeder Variotel with temperature transmitter. The temperature transmitter needs to be repaired.
Avionics set
Avionics set, assembled by Siebert in 2017, containing Filser TRT800 Mode S transponder, Airplus KRT2-S VHF airband transceiver (8.33 kHz channel spacing), Garmin Aera 500 GPS, Winter altimeter and Winter variometer. All built into strong protective box with heavy duty battery. External battery in protective wooden box. Comes with Microphone and antenna, all manuals and chargers. Dimensions 45 x 30 x 16 cm. In perfect condition. Immediately available.