Aircotec ACT 5000
Aircotec ACT 5000, in good working order
Garmin Oregon 550T
Garmin Oregon 550T GPS in good working condition
Dittel ATR 720 tranceiver
Dittel ATR 720 tranceiver, 25 kHz channel spacing. Mounting bracket included.
2x Delcom 960 air band transceiver
2x Delcom 960 air band transceiver, 25 kHz channel spacing. In working order. One with battery, the other one with battery eliminator for car use. With charger and hand microphone. Selling as is.
2x Vertex VXA-300 Pilot III air band transceivers
2x Vertex VXA-300 Pilot III air band transceivers, first used in 2012. Compact and rugged handset with VOR navigation, transmission power of up to 5 watts, VOR navigation, backlit display and keys, memory for 250 frequencies. High performance NiMH battery, 8.33 kHz channel spacing. Comes with NiMH battery, belt clip, 220V desk charger, antenna, headset adapter.
Funkwerk TRT800H-OLED transponder
Funkwerk TRT800H-OLED transponder, built 2012, with external memory. Comes with EASA Form 1. In perfect condition, ready to fly.
Altimeter + variometer
Altimeter + variometer, in wooden case. Ball 502 variometer made in USA. Smiths altimeter made in Great Britain. In good working condition. Good for decoration, might need revision to be good to fly.
Flytec 6040 with TT34 temperature transmitter
Flytec 6040 with TT34 temperature transmitter, including velcro attachment, 220V charger, carrying bag.
Digitool with temperature transmitter
Digitool with temperature transmitter, 220V charger, 2 new NiMh batteries, PC cable, carrying bag.