What is Balloons4sale.eu?
Balloons4sale.eu gives every balloon owner, pilot or operator the opportunity to place his advertisement for his or her balloon related equipment. Advertising is 100% free, however donations are very welcome.

Balloons4sale.eu is not responsible for any errors on this website, neither for any kind of damage, disadvantage or any other consequence caused by using Balloons4sale.eu or its services. All listed data should be checked by the advertiser. However we try to check details where possible, Balloons4sale.eu can not be held responsible for any (intentional) wrong or misleading data. If you discover wrong details, we would like to get informed about this.

Balloons4sale.eu is not intending or willing to negotiate about conditions of sale of the listed equipment. You should contact the current owner directly by using the data shown at the advertisement.

Balloons4sale.eu is trying to keep the list up to date continuously. When items are sold, the advertiser should as soon as possible log in to Balloons4sale.eu to change the status of the advertisement. When Balloons4sale.eu discovers that a specific advertiser doesn't report the successful selling of his equipment, Balloons4sale.eu reserves the right to refuse any advertisement of that user in future.

Balloons4sale.eu reserves the right to refuse listing equipment without reporting any specific reason. Any contributed item which is not balloon related will be refused always.

Advertising by banner
Balloons4sale.eu gives the possibility to place a advertising banner on the website. Please contact us for availability, conditions and rates. Balloons4sale.eu is not responsible for the content of websites which are linked, neither with a graphical banner link, as with a textual link.