D-OHON Thunder & Colt Special Shape
D-OHON, Thunder & Colt Special Shape, built 2001, 65 flights, 85 hrs. 3.000 m3 / 105.000 ft3. ARC valid until 11/2019. Optionally a suitable trailer and caterpillar track transporter can be bought.
EC-FNL Ultramagic F-8 Cartuja
EC-FNL Ultramagic F-8 Cartuja, built 1992, 92 hrs. 4.500 m3 / 160.000 ft3. Not flown since 1996. CofA expired, can be renewed at request. Immediately available.
G-XAIM Ultramagic H-31
G-XAIM, Ultramagic H-31, built 2010, 5 hrs tethered flight only. Ultralast top. Artwork will be removed. ARC expired, will be delivered with new ARC. Cameron Millennium bottom end available aditionally, but only with envelope.
G-OINN Ultramagic H-31
G-OINN, Ultramagic H-31, built 2010, 103 hrs. Ultralast top, artwork removed. In excellent condition. ARC valid until 09/2019, new ARC on sale if required.
OY-GOL Cameron TR-70
OY-GOL, Cameron TR-70, built 2006, approximately 300 hrs. Hyperlast top (top third), regular parachute. 2 see-safe windows in parachute. Artwork (overlaid) should be removed if flown in Europe. Shipping can be arranged. Will be sold with valid ARC.
G-HOLI Ultramagic M-77
G-HOLI, Ultramagic M-77, built 2007, 100 hrs. Hyperlast top. Should be sold outside UK. ARC expired, will be delivered with new ARC.
G-CJCE Ultramagic M-77C
G-CJCE, Ultramagic M-77C, built 2016, only 7 flights. Ultralast top, 6 clear view panels in top, turning vents. In as new condition. Currently located in Spain, happy to assist with transportation. ARC valid until September 2018.
PH-JMR Ultramagic M-105
PH-JMR, Ultramagic M-105, built 2014, 50 hrs of which 15 hrs flown in 2018 and 35 hrs static. Full hyperlast, turning vents. In as new condition. ARC valid until 03/2020.
D-OTHG Schroeder Fire Balloons G 42/24
D-OTHG, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 42/24, built 2011, 353 flights, 360 hrs. 4.250 m3 / 150.000 ft3. Paraquick RDS. ARC valid until 05/2020.
G-WLKI Lindstrand LBL 150A
G-WLKI, Lindstrand LBL 150A, Built 2007, 26 hrs. Hyperlife top (7 rows) + parachute. Q-vent fast deflation system, turning vents. Artwork can stay, but can be removed easily: only stiched, not glued. ARC valid until 03/2020. In as new condition.
PH-SND Cameron Z-160
PH-SND, Cameron Z-160, built 2004, 550 hrs. Hyperlast top third, smart vent, turning vents. Parachute failed grab test, other fabric in good condition.
LY-BED Schroeder Fire Balloons G 45/24
LY-BED, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 45/24, built 2007. 360 flights, 481 hrs. Hyperlast top, smart vent, turning vents. 4.500 m3 / 160.000 ft3. Turning vents replaced < 100 hrs ago, first 4 rows below Hyperlast replaced 120 hrs ago. All ripstop below is porous and should be replaced in future. Burn mark on scoop. Artwork is overlaid but can stay. ARC valid until 28/06/2019.
G-MRLN SkyBalloon 240/24
G-MRLN, SkyBalloon 240/24, built 1999, 362 flights, 361:20 hrs. Hyperlast top (5 rows of HTN90), RDS, turning vents. 5 rows of gold fabric replaced in 2006. Not flown since 2009. Some color transfer between blue and gold fabric, see images. Artwork can stay. Recently inflated, passed grab test. ARC expired, can be delivered with new ARC.