SE-ZLZ Kubicek Yellow Santa
SE-ZLZ, Kubicek Yellow Santa, built 2008, less than 20 hrs. Parachute valve in top and rip panel in back. 3.600 m3 / 126.000 ft3. Weigt about 265 kg. 46.5 meter high. Polyester fabric. Artwork on back can be removed. Surprisingly easy to fly. Rarely used, hence in excellent condition. Envelope has always been stored indoors at room temperature.
EC-FNL Ultramagic F-8 Cartuja
EC-FNL Ultramagic F-8 Cartuja, built 1992, 92 hrs. 4.500 m3 / 160.000 ft3. Not flown since 1996. CofA expired, can be renewed at request. Immediately available.
G-BUPH Thunder & Colt 25A
G-BUPH, Thunder & Colt 25A, built 1992, 80 hrs. Turning vents (with pockets in nomex for line storage if using a swivel bottom end). No artwork, velcro banner space. Weight 46 kg. ARC valid until 05/2022.
G-OINN Ultramagic H-31
G-OINN, Ultramagic H-31, built 2010, 103 hrs. Ultralast top, artwork removed. In excellent condition. ARC expired since 09/2019, new ARC on sale if required.
OO-BBL Ultramagic S-50
OO-BBL, Ultramagic S-50, built 2015, 110 flights, 109 hrs. Lightweight fabric, weight only 50 kg. Turning vents, velcro for banners. ARC valid until 02/2022.
EC-ELR Ultramagic H-56
EC-ELR, Ultramagic H-56, built 1988. 52 flights, 72 hrs. Not flown between 2002 and 2015. Scoop (taken from another balloon) will be included. ARC valid until August 19th, 2016. Great for flying solo and training flights, bit porous. Pictures are recent.
F-HCKV Cameron Z-77
F-HCKV, Cameron Z-77, built 2002, 180 flights, 200 hrs. Slightly porous. Last flight 02/2019, stored in good conditions since. Last inspected 04/2018, ARC expired.
EC-GTU Thunder & Colt 77A
EC-GTU, Thunder & Colt 77A, built 1998, 306 flights, 259 hrs flown, 50 hrs tethered. Hyperlast top third (including black horizontal row). 45 panels replaced to remove artwork, 09/2015, 50 hrs since. Two see safe windows in top. ARC valid until 07/2021.
G-GPIG Lindstrand LTL Series 1-80
G-GPIG, Lindstrand LTL Series 1-80, built 2019, 21 flights, 11.5 hrs flown, 2.5hrs tethered. Full hyperlast, turning vents, ARC valid until 09/2021.
SP-BBH Kubicek BB30Z
SP-BBH, Kubicek BB30Z, built 2004, 500 flights, 607 hrs. 3.000 m3 / 105.000 ft3. Smart vent. ARC valid until 04/2021. Immediately available
F-GMMV Ballons Libert L3000
F-GMMV, Ballons Libert L3000. Built 2009, 95 hrs. 3.000 m3 / 105.000 ft3. Lightweight envelope: no hyperlast, no nomex. ARC valid until 01/2022.
CS-BCJ Kubicek BB37Z
CS-BCJ, Kubicek BB37Z, built 2015, 95 flights, 130 hrs flown, 6 hrs tethered, 3.700 m3 / 130.000 ft3. Smart vent, turning vents. Extra row of nomex. All artwork except the red tongue is overlaid and can be removed easily. ARC valid until 07/2021.
PH-VBW Thunder & Colt 140A
PH-VBW, Thunder & Colt 140A, built 1998, 551 hrs, 508 flights. Hyperlast top, 2 turning vents, tri-vent deflation system. CofA expired in 2012, withdrawn from Dutch aircraft register in 2013.
D-OFDI Schroeder Fire Balloons G 42/24
D-OFDI, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 42/24, built 2002, 305 hrs. 4.250 m3 / 150.000 ft3. Hyperlast top, Paraquick RDS, turning vents. Artwork removed 07/2018. ARC valid until 03/2022.
D-OEVV Schroeder Fire Balloons G 42/24
D-OEVV Schroeder Fire Balloons G 42/24, built 2004, 571 flights, 661 hrs. 4.200 m3 / 150.000 ft3. Thermogrip top (6 rows), turning vents. Alvatherm temperature sensor with cable. Parachute outer ring replaced in 2017. Bit porous but still airworthy. Comes with valid ARC.
PH-NEM Lindstrand LBL 160A
PH-NEM, Lindstrand LBL 160A, built 2011, 196 hrs. Hyperlast top (parachute + all blue fabric above the equator), RDS, turning vents. Artwork (only sewn on) has profesionally been removed, no discoloration. No damages, feels and flies like new. Always flown with 5 passengers. ARC valid until 07/2021.
EC-HXP Ultramagic N-210
EC-HXP, Ultramagic N-210, built 2001, 528 flights, 552 hrs. Hyperlast top third. 140 panels (4 rows below Hyperlast top) replaced at 533 hrs. ARC valid until 15/07/2021.