G-FTUS Ultramagic F-12 Tablet
G-FTUS, Ultramagic F-12 Tablet, built 2013, 4 flights, 7:25 hrs total of which 3:45 hrs flown and 2:40 hrs tethered. Turning vents. Artwork should be removed, hence the low price. Price is as is, but removal of artwork can be arranged at cost if required. Can ship world wide. ARC expired, can be sold with fresh ARC.
EC-FNL Ultramagic F-8 Cartuja
EC-FNL Ultramagic F-8 Cartuja, built 1992, 92 hrs. 4.500 m3 / 160.000 ft3. Not flown since 1996. CofA expired, can be renewed at request. Immediately available.
G-OINN Ultramagic H-31
G-OINN, Ultramagic H-31, built 2010, 103 hrs. Ultralast top, artwork removed. In excellent condition. ARC expired since 09/2019, new ARC on sale if required.
G-HEAL Lindstrand LTL Series 1 - 31
G-HEAL, Lindstrand LTL Series 1 - 31, built 2018, only 1 hr, further used for 6 cold inflations for a project of previous owner. No turning vents so should be used with swivel style cloudhopper or small basket. ARC expired, can be sold with fresh ARC.
G-BZBT Cameron H-34
G-BZBT, Cameron H-34, built 2000, 112:30 hrs. Hyperlast top row + parachute, turning vents. Envelope bag with PVC base. In very clean, well maintained condition. ARC valid until 03/2019.
EC-ELR Ultramagic H-56
EC-ELR, Ultramagic H-56, built 1988. 52 flights, 72 hrs. Not flown between 2002 and 2015. Scoop (taken from another balloon) will be included. ARC valid until August 19th, 2016. Great for flying solo and training flights, bit porous. Pictures are recent.
G-LOON Cameron C-60
G-LOON, Cameron C-60, built 2008, first flown in 2012, 96 hrs. Full height nomex, lightweight fabric. Weight only 58 kg. In very good condition. Only flown privately. Last inspected 05/2020, can be delivered with fresh ARC.
EC-GZR Ultramagic H-77
EC-GZR, Ultramagic H-77, built 1999, 238 flights, 329 hrs. Hyperlast top (parachute + 5 rows). All ripstop fabric below Hyperlast rebuilt in 2017, 92 flights, 101 hrs since rebuilt. Turning vents, velcro for banners all around. ARC expired 07/2020 but can be sold with fresh ARC if required.
G-CLOE SkyBalloon 90-24
G-CLOE, SkyBalloon 90-24, built 1996, 304 hrs. Turning vents, no artwork. ARC expired 06/2020 but can be renewed.
PH-EJT Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24
PH-EJT, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24, built 1999, 131 flights, 163 hrs. Hyperlast top (parachute plus 4 rows), turning vents. Original artwork has been removed. Only one flight (0:30 hrs) since 2005. Grab test at last inspection OK but very high fuel consumption. Probably only suitable for decoration, inflations or (full) rebuild. ARC valid until 10/10/2020.
G-CKIN Lindstrand LTL Series 1-105
G-CKIN, Lindstrand LTL Series 1-105, built 2017, 12 hrs. Turning vents. Original artwork removed, very suitable for artwork or banners. ARC expired, can be delivered with new ARC.
SP-BEX Kubicek BB34Z
SP-BEX, Kubicek BB34Z, built 2012, 298 hrs total, of which approximately 80 hrs tethered. 3.400 m3 / 120.000 ft3. Smart vent, turning vents. Envelope artwork printed, except the white background of Castrol logo which is inlaid. In perfect condition, no damages. ARC valid to 12/2020.
D-OMMG Ultramagic M-120
D-OMMG, Ultramagic M-120, built 2007, 275 flights, 340 hrs. Smart vent, new turning vents. Some panels have been replaced. Regular signs of wear consistent to age/hrs. ARC expired, can be sold with fresh ARC.
F-GXUS Ultramagic M-130
F-GXUS, Ultramagic M-130, built 2007, 454 flights, 486 hrs flown, 40 hrs tethered. Full hyperlast envelope, smart vent, turning vents. Velcros for banners. In very good condition. ARC valid until 06/2021.
OO-BUV Schroeder Fire Balloons G 42/24
OO-BUV, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 42/24, built 2007, 402 hrs. 4.200 m3 / 150.000 ft3. Hyperlast top (6 rows), smart vent, turning vents. Slightly getting porous but in good condition to fly with 3 passengers. Artwork can stay. Can be sold with valid ARC.
D-OBAS Schroeder Fire Balloons G 42/24
D-OBAS, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 42/24, built 2012, 174 flights, 195:15 hrs. Thermogrip top, Paraquick fast deflation system, turning vents. 4.250 m3 / 150.000 ft3. Artwork can stay. In very good condition. ARC valid until 02/2021.
F-HDFC Ultramagic S-160
F-HDFC, Ultramagic S-160, built 2005, 697 hrs. Ultralast top, smart vent, turning vents. In good condition. ARC valid until 06/2021.
PH-RKG Cameron A-180
PH-RKG, Cameron A-180, built 2001, 518 flights, 548 hrs. Hyperlast top, smart vent, turning vents. Always flown light. In good condition. ARC valid until 17/06/2020.
9M-BGB Ultramagic N-210
9M-BGB, Ultramagic N-210, built 2017, 69 flights, 61 hrs. RDS, turning vents. Full hyperlast. Extra high nomex. In excellent condition. CofA expired as not inspected due to COVID-19, but will pass inspection without problems.
PH-WAU Ultramagic N-250
PH-WAU, Ultramagic N-250, built 2003, 547 hrs. Hyperlast top (all red fabric above the yellow equator), RDS, turning vents. Luckenhaus fabric. Slightly porous but still very strong. Picture of last flight in 2013. Mostly flown with 8-10 passengers, never overheated, no discoloration at parachute and turning vents. New ARC at delivery.