G-GPIG Lindstrand LTL Series 1-80
G-GPIG, Lindstrand LTL Series 1-80, built 2019, 21 flights, 11.5 hrs flown, 2.5hrs tethered. Full hyperlast, turning vents, ARC expired.
G-BVGK Lindstrand LBL Newspaper
G-BVGK, Lindstrand LBL Newspaper, built 1994, 210 hrs. Volume 92.000 ft3. Top, top side and parachute hyperlife fabric. Brand new navy scoop. All text is hand painted. Easy to handle, fly and pack away. Some minor damages in lower area and some damage to inside cone, all not affecting airworthiness. ARC valid until 20/11/2022.
G-BZIC Lindstrand LBL Sun
G-BZIC, Lindstrand LBL Sun special shape, built 2000, volume 105.000 ft3. Logo cut in and can stay. Twin velcro deflation panels (1 rip line), dump vent, turning vents. Velcro slots in blue rays. In very good condition, used with care. ARC valid until 11/2022.
SE-ZLZ Kubicek Yellow Santa
SE-ZLZ, Kubicek Yellow Santa, built 2008, less than 20 hrs. Parachute valve in top and rip panel in back. 3.600 m3 / 126.000 ft3. Weigt about 265 kg. 46.5 meter high. Polyester fabric. Artwork on back can be removed. Surprisingly easy to fly. Rarely used, hence in excellent condition. Envelope has always been stored indoors at room temperature.
G-BUPH Thunder & Colt 25A
G-BUPH, Thunder & Colt 25A, built 1992, 80 hrs. Turning vents (with pockets in nomex for line storage if using a swivel bottom end). No artwork, velcro banner space. Weight 46 kg. ARC valid until 05/2022.
G-OINN Ultramagic H-31
G-OINN, Ultramagic H-31, built 2010, 103 hrs. Ultralast top, artwork removed. In excellent condition. ARC expired since 09/2019, new ARC on sale if required.
G-CLFF Cameron Z-42
G-CLFF, Cameron Z-42, built 2019, 1 flight, 1:10 hrs. Full hyperlast. Turning vent. Weight 89 kg. Blue artwork overlaid, white artwork inlaid. Artwork can stay. ARC valid until 09/12/2022.
HB-QSZ Lindstrand LBL 56A
HB-QSZ, Lindstrand LBL 56A, built 2006, approximately 225 hrs. ARC valid until 03/11/2024.
G-BNZN Cameron N-56
G-BNZN, Cameron N-56, built 1987, 163:15 hrs. Hyperlast parachute and top (blue fabric), center see-through window in parachute. Tempilabel reads 93 degrees C. Always stored indoors, carefully flown. ARC valid until 09/12/2022.
OO-BIL Lindstrand LBL 69X
OO-BIL, Lindstrand LBL 69X, built 2004, 305 flights, 417 hrs of which 189 flights, 236 hrs since rebuild (11/2005) of all fabric except nomex and parachute. Hyperlast top (parachute + 3 rows), 4 see-safe windows. In very good condition, low fuel consumption, always stored dry. ARC valid until 14/01/2024.
OE-SDH Lindstrand LBL 69X
OE-SDH, Lindstrand LBL 69X, built 2007, 118 flights, 145 hrs. Hyperlast top (parachute + 3 rows), turning vents. ARC valid until 11/2023.
OO-BBK Kubicek BB22XR
OO-BBK, Kubicek BB22XR, built 05/2019, 90 flights, 102 hrs. 2.200 m3 / 77.000 ft3. Paralite deflation system, turning vents, 6 safety windows. Artwork is sewn on, can be removed easily. ARC valid until 17/02/2024.
G-UTRA Ultramagic M-77C
G-UTRA, Ultramagic M-77C, built 2011, 51 flights, 79 hrs. Hyperlast top (parachute + 2 rows), RDS, turning vents. In very good condition. Artwork can stay or easily be removed (only sewn, not glued). ARC valid until 08/2023.
G-CLOF Kubicek BB22N
G-CLOF, Kubicek BB22N, built 2005, 214 flights, 290 hrs. 2.200 m3 / 77.000 ft3. ARC valid until 12/2023.
G-CKFZ Ultramagic M-77
G-CKFZ, Ultramagic M-77, built 2017, 12 hrs. Ultralast top, original artwork removed. ARC or export CofA available if required.
G-BSIC Cameron V-77
G-BSIC, Cameron V-77, built 1990, 293 flights/hrs. Hyperlast top (4 rows). Flies well, mostly flown light. ARC valid until 08/2023.
F-HDIN Ballons Chaize DC2200 Racer
F-HDIN, Ballons Chaize DC2200 Racer, built 2020, 3 flights, 2:40 hrs. 2.200 m3 / 77.000 ft3. Full hyperlast, turning vents. In as new condition. ARC valid until 28/09/2023.
EC-KNK Ultramagic M-77
EC-KNK, Ultramagic M-77, built 2008, 255 flights, 285 hrs. 75% hyperlast of which 62 panels are replaced to remove artwork, not flown since. ARC expired, can be sold with new ARC.
G-RFLO Ultramagic M-105
G-RFLO, Ultramagic M-105, built 2015, 8 flights, 20 hrs. Hyperlast top (5 rows), RDS, turning vents. Artwork digitally printed, can stay. ARC expired, new ARC/CofA for export to be issued on sale.
D-OTIB Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24
D-OTIB, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24, built 2005, 278 flights, 351 hrs. 3.000 m3 / 105.000 ft3. Hyperlast top (parachute + 3 rows). ARC valid until 12/2023.
D-ORFW Aerostar S60A
D-ORFW, Aerostar S60A, built 1994, 291:50 hrs. Volume 3.000 m3 / 105.000 ft3. Previous owner sold it due to increased fuel consumption. Not flown since purchase because another complete balloon was bought. ARC expired in 2019, removed from German register in 2020.
PH-VBW Thunder & Colt 140A
PH-VBW, Thunder & Colt 140A, built 1998, 551 hrs, 508 flights. Hyperlast top, 2 turning vents, tri-vent deflation system. CofA expired in 2012, withdrawn from Dutch aircraft register in 2013.
D-OHBC Thunder & Colt AX9-140
D-OHBC, Thunder & Colt AX9-140, built 1992, 112 flights, 120 hrs flown, 4 hrs tethered flight. Hyperlast top (4 rows) + parachute, turning vents. ARC expired, can be sold with Form 1.
OE-REK Cameron Z-145
OE-REK, Cameron Z-145, built 2012, 139 flights, 188:45 hrs. Hyperlast top (parachute + 8 rows). Smart vent, turning vent. Always flown light, in very good condition. ARC valid until 09/2023. Can be sold with new ARC.
OO-BXQ Cameron N-160
OO-BXQ, Cameron N-160, built 2007, 221 flights, 245 hrs. Hyperlast top, RDS, turning vents. Will be sold with new ARC.
OO-BCC Ultramagic M-160
OO-BCC, Ultramagic M-160, built 2008, 220 flights, 248hrs. Hyperlast top (parachute + 8 rows), smart vent, turning vents. Always flown light. ARC valid until 05/2024.
OO-BAP Cameron Z-160
OO-BAP, Cameron Z-160, built 2008, 380 hrs. Hyperlast top, RDS, turning vents. In good condition, never had any damages or repairs. ARC valid until 02/2023.
HB-QWT Ultramagic T-210
HB-QWT, Ultramagic T-210, built 2008, 475 hrs. Hyperlast top (40%), smart vent, turning vents. All red fabric replaced, 55 hrs since. In good condition. ARC valid until 26/10/2023.
EC-ISF Cameron Z-210
EC-ISF, Cameron Z-210, built 2002, 667:35 hrs. RDS, turning vents, no hyperlast fabric. Artwork sewn on, can stay. Needs new parachute. ARC valid until 18/06/2022.
SE-ZMT Lindstrand LBL 240A
SE-ZMT, Lindstrand LBL 240A, built 2012, 194 flights, 235 hrs. All red fabric is Hyperlast. Turning vent, smart vent. Artwork removed. Always flown light, in very good condition. Bought for special project, not used since. Hence ARC expired, can be sold with new ARC at additional cost.
OO-BQT Kubicek BB70Z
OO-BQT, Kubicek BB70Z, built 03/2021, 74 flights, 82 hrs. 7.000 m3 / 245.000 ft3. Hyperlast parachute, smart vent, turning vents. ARC valid until 17/02/2024.
SP-BLA Cameron Z-250
SP-BLA, Cameron Z-250, built 2006, 67 flights, 90 hrs. Hyperlast top, smart vent, turning vents. ARC valid until 04/2023.
PH-EPH Ultramagic N-250
PH-EPH, Ultramagic N-250, built 2007, 336 flights, 375 hrs. Ultralast top (parachute + green fabric), smart vent, turning vents. Temp label reads 99 degrees C. Always flown light (max 10 passengers and single T basket), hence low gas consumption. ARC valid until 04/2023.