G-OKCP Lindstrand LBL Battery
G-OKCP, Lindstrand LBL Battery, built 1999, 75 hrs. Standard parachute, turning vents. 105.000 ft3, active volume 90.000 ft3. CofA valid until 08/2019.
G-BVBK Thunder & Colt Special Shape Coffee Jar
G-BVBK Thunder & Colt Special Shape Coffee Jar, built 1993, only 32:50 hrs. Volume 90.000 ft3. CN 2428. Turning vents. Weighs 198 kg, easy to fly and pack away. Pictures taken August 2014. Inspection and ARC issue upon sale. Might consider swap for 77 / 90 / Racer.One of a pair of coffee jars built for a Maxwell House TV advertisement see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j3rDCWwoxw
G-BUIZ Cameron N-90
G-BUIZ, Cameron N-90, built 1992, 150 flights, 200 hrs. Turning vents. Slightly porous, ARC expired since 11/2017.
EC-LEZ Kubicek BB-S 'King's Head'
EC-LEZ, Kubicek BB-S 'King's Head', built 2010, only 48 hrs. 3.400 m3 / 120.000 ft3. Fully polyester, ditigal printed. Not flown since end of 2011. Immediately available. Transport from Spain can be arranged but costs are not included. Price when new was 82.000,-. EASA CofA expired May 2012, can be renewed at request.
EC-FNL Ultramagic F-8 Cartuja
EC-FNL Ultramagic F-8 Cartuja, built 1992, 92 hrs. 4.500 m3 / 160.000 ft3. Not flown since 1996. CofA expired, can be renewed at request. Immediately available.
G-ISOB Cameron O-31
G-ISOB, Cameron O-31, built 10/2016, 4 flights, 4:00 hrs flown, 1 hrs tethered. Envelope weighs 33 kg including bag. Artwork can stay. EASA Form One and new ARC upon sale. Shipping and export CofA can be arranged for additional cost if required.
G-HTEC Cameron Z-31
G-HTEC, Cameron Z-31, built 2014, less than 2 hrs. Lightweight envelope, weight 37 kgs. ARC expired but in immaculate condition.
G-FFFT Lindstrand LBL 31A
G-FFFT, Lindstrand LBL 31A, built 2000, 124:20 hrs. Turning vents (currently disconnected, can be put back into operation before sale). Parachute edge replaced July 2018. Weight 48 kg, full size scoop. Some artwork has been removed, remaining artwork can stay. Always packed dry, last flown 10/2018. ARC valid until 01/08/2019
LY-OEW Thunder & Colt S1 AX7-65
LY-OEW, Thunder & Colt S1 AX7-65, built 1992, 237 hrs. Hyperlast top (3 rows + parachute), 4 clear see windows in top, regular parachute. Red circle (3x) is sewn in. In very good condition. Pictures taken in 2016, 5 flights done in 2017. ARC valid until 04/07/2019.
LY-LTU Ultramagic M-65C
LY-LTU, Ultramagic M-65C, built 2009, 317 flights, 335 hrs. Hyperlast top from equator, 6 see-safe windows in top. ARC valid until 05/04/2019.
G-ULTA Ultramagic MV-65C
G-ULTA, Ultramagic MV-65C, built 2009, 92 flights, 103 hrs. Ultralast top. 6 clear view panels in top. Mostly flown solo, only used for pleasure flights. One owner since new. Artwork will be removed (only sewn) by Ultramagic. Currently located in Spain, happy to assist with transportation. CofA expired but it will guaranteed pass inspection.
OY-GOL Cameron TR-70
OY-GOL, Cameron TR-70, built 2006, approximately 300 hrs. Hyperlast top (top third), regular parachute. 2 see-safe windows in parachute. Artwork (overlaid) should be removed if flown in Europe. Shipping can be arranged. Will be sold with valid ARC.
OE-RGS Kubicek BB20XR
OE-RGS, Kubicek BB20XR, built 2017, 58 flights, 65 hrs flown, 3 hrs tethered. 2.000 m3 / 70.000 ft3. RDS, turning vents, See-safe windows in top. ARC valid until 08/2019.
OO-BPR Ultramagic M-77
OO-BPR, Ultramagic M-77, built 1989, 625 flights, 638 hrs. Top rebuilt in 2000, 359 hrs / 384 flights since. ARC valid until 09/12/2019.
G-CJCE Ultramagic M-77C
G-CJCE, Ultramagic M-77C, built 2016, only 7 flights. Ultralast top, 6 clear view panels in top, turning vents. In as new condition. Currently located in Spain, happy to assist with transportation. ARC valid until September 2018.
G-BVHK Cameron V-77
G-BVHK, Cameron V-77, built 1994, approximately 300 hrs. Hyperlast parachute and 3 rows. Needs 7 panels to be replaced to pass inspection. ARC expired.
EC-MIM Ultramagic MV-77C
EC-MIM, Ultramagic MV-77C, built 11/2015, 30 flights, 29:45 hrs. RDS. Made of Hyperlast (top) and ultra light fabric. 12 safety windows in top. ARC valid until 13/02/2019.
PH-ENH Lindstrand LBL 105A
PH-ENH, Lindstrand LBL 105A, built 2002, 416:30 hrs. Hyperlast top (3 rows plus parachute), RDS, turning vents. Tempilabel reads 116 degrees C maximum. ARC valid until 11/2019.
G-OAER Lindstrand LBL 105A
G-OAER, Lindstrand LBL 105A, built 1996, 230 hrs. Hyperlife parachute + 3 rows. Turning vents. Currently downrated to MTOM 999kg for insurance purposes. Usually flown with 3 persons on board, still flies well. Now for sale as surplus to requirement. Recently inspected, ARC valid until May 2018.
PH-AQQ Cameron N-120
PH-AQQ, Cameron N-120, built 1995, 237 flights, 342:15 hrs. Hyperlast top (everything above yellow equator). Yellow fabric slightly porous. Needs new velcro's. ARC valid until 22/04/2019.
OY-GOH Cameron N-120
OY-GOH, Cameron N-120, built 2006, approximately 300 hrs. Hyperlast top (top third), regular parachute, turning vents. 2 see-safe windows in parachute. Artwork (overlaid) should be removed if flown in Europe. Shipping can be arranged. Will be sold with valid ARC.
PH-ITH Ultramagic M-130
PH-ITH, Ultramagic M-130, built 2006, 192 flights, 207 hrs. Hyperlast top (3 rows). Smart vent, turning vents. Always flown light, see tempilabel. Artwork can stay if sold outside The Netherlands. In excellent condition. ARC valid until 07/2019.
OM-2002 Kubicek BB37
OM-2002, Kubicek BB37, built 1999, 460 flights, 537 hrs. 3.700 m3 / 130.000 ft3. Smart vent, turning vents. All polyester fabric. No artwork, various velcro for banners. ARC valid until 03/04/2019.
PH-MNL Cameron Z-160
PH-MNL, Cameron Z-160, built 2008. 421 flights, 447 hrs. Hyperlast top (all above upper yellow panels), Smart vent, turning vents. Tempilabel reads max 110 degrees. Artwork has been removed. ARC valid until 12/2019.
LY-BED Schroeder Fire Balloons G 45/24
LY-BED, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 45/24, built 2007. 360 flights, 481 hrs. Hyperlast top, smart vent, turning vents. 4.500 m3 / 160.000 ft3. Turning vents replaced < 100 hrs ago, first 4 rows below Hyperlast replaced 120 hrs ago. All ripstop below is porous and should be replaced in future. Burn mark on scoop. Artwork is overlaid but can stay. ARC valid until 28/06/2019.
PH-LAK Lindstrand LBL 180A
PH-LAK, Lindstrand LBL 180A, built 1999, 262 hrs. Hyperlife top, Q-vent fast deflation system, rotation vents.
EC-GVY Cameron A-180
EC-GVY, Cameron A-180. Built 1998, 219 hrs. Fast deflation system, turning vents. Will be delivered with new ARC if needed.
PH-WAU Ultramagic N-250
PH-WAU, Ultramagic N-250, built 2003, 547 hrs. Hyperlast top (all red fabric above the yellow equator), RDS, turning vents. Luckenhaus fabric. Slightly porous but still very strong. Picture of last flight in 2013. Mostly flown with 8-10 passengers, never overheated, no discoloration at parachute and turning vents. New ARC at delivery.
LY-OGO Cameron Z-250
LY-OGO, Cameron Z-250, built 2003, 550 flights, 570 hrs. Hyperlast top (10 rows), smart vent, turning vents. New scoop. ARC valid until 01/06/2019 but some repairs are needed.