G-BVBK Thunder & Colt Special Shape Coffee Jar
G-BVBK Thunder & Colt Special Shape Coffee Jar, built 1993, only 32:50 hrs. Volume 90.000 ft3. CN 2428. Turning vents. Weighs 198 kg, easy to fly and pack away. Pictures taken August 2014. Inspection and ARC issue upon sale. Might consider swap for 77 / 90 / Racer.One of a pair of coffee jars built for a Maxwell House TV advertisement see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j3rDCWwoxw
EC-LEZ Kubicek BB-S 'King's Head'
EC-LEZ, Kubicek BB-S 'King's Head', built 2010, only 48 hrs. 3.400 m3 / 120.000 ft3. Fully polyester, ditigal printed. EASA CofA expired May 2012, can be renewed at request. Not flown since end of 2011. Immediately available. Transport from Spain can be arranged but costs are not included. Price when new was 82.000,-.
G-OJNB Lindstrand LBL 21A
G-OJNB, Lindstrand LBL 21A, built 1994, 23 hrs. Artwork can stay or easily be taken off. ARC valid until June 2018.
G-ONCB Lindstrand LBL 31A
G-ONCB, Lindstrand LBL 31A, built 1996, 119 hrs. Hyperlast (Hyperlife) top. Artwork can stay. ARC valid until November 21st, 2018.
G-ISOB Cameron O-31
G-ISOB, Cameron O-31, built 10/2016, 4 flights, 4:00 hrs flown, 1 hrs tethered. Envelope weighs 33 kg including bag. Artwork can stay. EASA Form One and new ARC upon sale. Shipping and export CofA can be arranged for additional cost if required.
G-CBLO Lindstrand LBL 42A
G-CBLO, Lindstrand LBL 42A, built 2002, 115 hrs. Hyperlife top (3 rows + parachute). Detachable lightweight crown line. In good and clean condition, no smells. Can be used with hopper or basket + burner. MTOW 416 kg. ARC valid until 18/06/2018. Not flown since inspection. Immediately available.
G-OURT Lindstrand LTL Racer 56
G-OURT Lindstrand LTL Racer 56, built 04/2017, 25 hrs. Rip stop fabric, standard parachute, super lightweight internal baffle, lightweight scoop. Envelope weight 80 kg. Comes with custom made purple cordura document bag containing registration, ownership and ARC documents as well as log book and manuals. In stunning condition, looked after meticulously.
G-CEOI Cameron C-60
G-CEOI, Cameron C-60, built 2007, 45 hrs. Dual turning vents. Ideal for Duo Airchair or solo flights. In very good condition. ARC valid until December 2017.
G-ULTA Ultramagic M-65C
G-ULTA Ultramagic M-65C, built 2009, 92 flights, 103 hrs. Ultralast top. 6 clear view panels in top. Mostly flown solo, only used for pleasure flights. One owner since new. Artwork can stay or easily be removed (only sewn). Currently located in Spain, happy to assist with transportation. CofA valid until September 2017.
EC-KMZ Ultramagic MV-77C
EC-KMZ, Ultramagic MV-77C, built 2007, 170 hrs. Hyperlast top (3 rows), smart vent, 6 clear view panels. In really good condition. ARC expired, can be sold with inspection and Form 1.
G-BWPT Cameron N-90
G-BWPT, Cameron N-90, built 1996, 145 hrs. Hyperlast top, smart vent. ARC valid until 17/09/2018
G-BTTL Cameron V-90
G-BTTL, Cameron V-90, built 1991, 297 hrs. Downgraded to V-77. Thermistor cable fitted. New parachute. Artwork can stay. ARC valid until June 2018.
OO-BIF Libert L3000
OO-BIF, Libert L3000, built 05/2000, 397 flights, 369:25 hrs. Hyperlast parachute + 1 row. ARC valid.
G-OAER Lindstrand LBL 105A
G-OAER, Lindstrand LBL 105A, built 1996, 230 hrs. Hyperlife parachute + 3 rows. Turning vents. Currently downrated to MTOM 999kg for insurance purposes. Usually flown with 3 persons on board, still flies well. Now for sale as surplus to requirement. Recently inspected, ARC valid until May 2018.
G-CIHX Ultramagic M-105
G-CIHX, Ultramagic M-105, built 2014, 34 hrs indoor inflation only, never flown. All Ultralast fabric. Lots of velcro for banners.
F-HDPC Lindstrand LBL 105A
F-HDPC, Lindstrand LBL 105A, built 2001, 250 flights/hrs. Hyperlast top, smart vent, turning vents. ARC valid until 30/06/2018.
F-GPGO Cameron Ronald-105 special shape
F-GPGO, Cameron Ronald-105 special shape, built 2000, 61 hrs. In very good condition. Not worn out, perfectly saturated colors. Grab test over 14kg on all colors. ARC valid until 27/06/2018.
OO-BXO Ballons Libert L3400
OO-BXO, Ballons Libert L3400, built 04/2007, 170 flights, 194 hrs. 3.400 m3 / 120.000 ft3. Standard parachute, all nylon fabric. Artwork is sewn on, can be removed easily. ARC expired, can be sold with new ARC.
OK-8881 Kubicek BB37Z
OK-8881, Kubicek BB37Z, built 2008, 450 hrs. 3.700 m3 / 130.000 ft3. 100% polyester fabric. Smart vent, turning vents. Artwork sewn on. In good condition, mostly flown with 4 or maximum 5 passengers. Currently in use as backup envelope. ARC valid until January 2018. Envelope would be able to fly at least 300 more hours.
OO-BSA Cameron Z-133
OO-BSA, Cameron Z-133, built 2012, 200 flights, 230 hrs. Smart vent, turning vents and scoop. Hyperlast top (all blue fabric above white area). No damages, always flown with 120 open basket and treated with care. In fantastic condition. ARC valid until 05/2018. Immediately available.
SE-ZMN Cameron Z-140 Hygienic Glove
SE-ZMN, Cameron Z-140 Hygienic Glove, standard envelope with add ons. Built 2011, 85 hrs. Hyperlast top and standard parachute in Hyperlast. Eight see safe windows, turning vents. Inflatable ring in the lowest part of the nomex cuff. Very easy to fly, not sensible for false lift due to add ons on top and completely calm for burner inside the cuff. Only flown by owner. No repairs, no damages. Still shining white. EASA ARC valid to 14/06/2018. All pictures are recent. Envelope only but can be sold as complete balloon on request, ask for more information.
PH-WBO Kubicek BB40Z
PH-WBO, Kubicek BB40Z, built 2009, 185 hrs. 140.000 ft3 / 4.000 m3. All polyester fabric. Rotation vents, standard parachute deflation system. In very good condition. Artwork (lettering) removed, silhouettes and white surface still on the envelope. ARC valid till 22 December 2018.
PH-EJJ Kubicek BB40Z
PH-EJJ, Kubicek BB40Z, built 2012, 74 flights, 75:10 hrs. 4.000 m3 / 140.000 ft3. 50% Hyperlast, 50% nylon fabric. Smart vent, turning vents. Only one small patch on scoop, no other damages or repairs. Mostly flown with 4 and not more than 5 passengers. 3x2 metal rings fitted on envelope above nomex for inflight camera mount (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpwc1uJAne0), mount included. Last inspected 10/03/2017. ARC valid until 03/2018. In very good condition. Immediately available.
LY-OSK Cameron N-145
LY-OSK, Cameron N-145, built 1998, 750 hrs. Hyperlast top up from equator. Good condition, should be OK for another 150 hrs. ARC valid until 14/06/2018.
PH-CDA Lindstrand LBL 160A
PH-CDA, Lindstrand LBL 160A, built 2009, 47:45 hrs. Always flown light. Original artwork panels have been replaced by new fabric, 0 hrs since. In as-new condition.
OO-BBZ Ultramagic M-160
OO-BBZ,Ultramagic M-160. Built 2005, 288 flights, 317 hrs. Hyperlast top and parachute, turning vents. Absolutely in perfect condition, always flown light and never overheated. ARC valid until March 2018.
EC-LKY Thunder & Colt AX10-180 S2
EC-LKY, Thunder & Colt AX10-180 S2. Built 1991, 446 hrs. Hyperlast top. Turning vents. Last flight april 2013. CofA expired 2013. Needs repair. Good for rebuild.
EC-GVY Cameron A-180
EC-GVY, Cameron A-180. Built 1998, 219 hrs. Fast deflation system, turning vents. Will be delivered with new ARC if needed.
D-OOSD Lindstrand LBL 240A
D-OOSD, Lindstrand LBL 240A, built 2009, 276 hrs. Full hyperlast, RDS, turning vents. Mostly flown with 8 passengers. One owner since new. In good condition, ARC valid until 28.02.2018. Immediately available.
PH-WAU Ultramagic N-250
PH-WAU, Ultramagic N-250, built 2003, 547 hrs. Hyperlast top (all red fabric above the yellow equator), RDS, turning vents. Slightly porous, picture of last flight in 2013. Mostly flown with 8-10 passengers, never overheated, no discoloration at parachute and turning vents. New ARC at delivery.
G-HIUP Cameron A-250
G-HIUP, Cameron A-250, built 1999, 371 flights, 432 hrs. Hyperlast top (parachute + 8 rows), smart vent, turning vents. Needs new smart vent candy (red+white) line. Not flown since 05/2009. ARC expired.
G-CCNC Cameron Z-275
G-CCNC, Cameron Z-275, built 2004, 442 flights, 473 hrs. Hyperlast top (parachute + 10 rows). Smart vent, turning vents. At last inspection at 453 hrs no signs of porosity were found. In great condition. Always flown light. ARC valid until 14/06/2018.
LY-TON Cameron A-400
LY-TON, Cameron A-400, 1999, 174 hrs since rebuilt by Cameron Balloons Bristol in 2004 (loadtapes and crown ring are original). Smart vent, turning vents. 2 rows of nomex, all the rest is Hyperlast. Artwork sewn in. Ready to be inspected, but no valid ARC included.