G-BMJP Colt AS-56 Airship
G-BMJP, Colt AS-56 Airship. Built 1985, 50 hrs. Silver Hyperlast top. Velcro for banners. No artwork. Konig engine. 2x 60 liter tanks.
G-OZSB GefaFlug AS-105-GD
G-OZSB, GefaFlug AS-105-GD, envelope built 2006, 19:40 hrs. Cart and burners built 2000, 1256:25 hrs. Rotax 582UL Engine, built 2005, 212:50 hrs. 3x Cameron CB2380S Titanium cylinders (60 liter), TEMA fittings, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 03/2021. 1x Cameron CB426 Stainless Steel cylinder (60 liter), TEMA fitting, PRV/PPT?INT valid until 05/2024. Comes with trailer, tarps, all accessory equipment to inflate and fly, 10 used main banners and 2 new unused nose banners, and a second non-airworthy envelope. 2:40 hrs since last annual CofA inspection. In very clean condition (always used tarps, even on green grass). Ready to fly on delivery.
G-NORG GefaFlug AS-105-GD
G-NORG, GefaFlug AS-105-GD. Envelope 104:50 hrs, Gondola 534 hrs, engine 242:35 hrs. All white envelope with velcro for banners. All fuel hoses replaced by Cameron in 2017. Including radio and transponder, 13.0 HP inflation fan with new inflation tube, German built trailer. No cylinders included. ARC valid.
Airship package
Envelope 1 D-OHLS, GefaFlug AS-105-GD, built 2006, 170:05 hrs. with banners (2x 19m x 1.30m + 2x 16.3m x 4.1m). ARC valid until 12/2019. Envelope 2 D-OHLW, GefaFlug AS-105-GD, built 1997, 185:35 hrs. Warsteiner advertising, no contract. ARC valid until 12/2019. Envelope 3 D-OHLL, GefaFlug AS-105-GD, built 2006, 135:40 hrs, velcro for 2 banners (16.3 x 4.1m), not airworthy, no valid ARC, suitable for rebuild. Gondola Gefa Flug 4-seater gondola, built 2002, 363:10 hrs. With Rotax 582 UL engine, built 2007, 195:10 hrs. Helix Propeller, built 2002, 363:10 hrs. Cameron double Shadow burner, buit 2002, 363:10 hrs. Comes with - 8.0 HP Inflation fan. - 2x Schroeder VA70 cylinders, TEMA, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 12/2026. - 2x Schroeder VA50 cylinders, TEMA, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 04/2025. - Huber insulated tandem axle trailer with new paint + seal, new tires, power connection for internal heating.
GefaFlug gondola
GefaFlug 4-seater gondola, for AS-105-GD, built 2003, 350 hrs. Cameron double Shadow burner. New Helix 4 propeller installed in 2017. Rotax 582 UL engine, new engine will be installed before sale. Dittel KRT2 8.33 kHz VHF air band transceiver, Flytec 3040 and night lighting installed.