Other equipment
Air pusher
Air pusher, suitable for balloons up to 150.000 ft3.
Air pusher
Air pusher, suitable for balloons up to 120.000 ft3.
Set of 4 pole covers
Set of 4 pole covers, blue leather, 1.12m long, with metal clips and velcro straps.
8x leather tank straps
8x leather tank straps, 170cm, in good condition.
Thunder & Colt pilot restraint harness
Thunder & Colt pilot restraint harness, rarely used.
Dittel speaker mike
Dittel speaker mike, with working clip on backside, in very nice condition.
Various crown rings for rebuild
Various crown rings, suitable for rebuild. Including all documents like Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Airworthiness, log book. Available are a Cameron A-140, N-145, Z-145 and N-105. The Cameron A-140 is currently registered.
Cameron fire extinguisher bag
Cameron fire extinguisher bag, green, with 1kg fire extinguisher, valid until 2021. Padded flap and sides. Very solid and durable. Immediately available.
Cameron first aid kit bag
Cameron first aid kit bag, green, including first aid kit. in good condition. Immediately available.
Honda HP400 caterpillar track transporter
Honda HP400 caterpillar track transporter, max load 400 kg. Platform dimensions 96 x 52 cm. Runs without any problem.
4x Cameron pole cover
4x Cameron pole cover, made 2017, used for 50 flights, perfect working zippers. With embroidery, may remain or can be removed.
Caterpillar track transporter
Caterpillar track transporter Honda HP400 with drum for large envelopes or special shapes. Manual winding to protect the balloon. Possibility to mount 2 cylinders on the platform. Eventually the drum can be replaced with a box, with PVC cover. Runs without any problem.
Ultramagic pole bag
Ultramagic pole bag, red, used but in very good condition. Immediately available.
Cameron smart vent bag
Cameron smart vent bag, black, in very good condition.
Cameron document bag
Cameron document bag, red, in very good condition.
Scoop for Cameron C-80
Scoop for Cameron C-80, red nomex, only used for 1 flight, in as new condition.
4x pole cover
4x pole cover, brown leather outside, some small damages to inside lining (catched by the zipper, causing rips). Cosmetic damage only, not visible when zipped. Clips on top for burner frame. Poles and bag are not included.
2x Cameron tank strap
2x Cameron tank strap, nylon with big plastic buckle, in excellent condition.
Kubicek burner frame for K50TT
Kubicek burner frame for K50TT basket, in perfect condition. Including new heat shields. Can be used with triple or quad Ignis burner.
2x Basket cover
2x Basket cover, custom made for Ultramagic C3 but will fit similar, vinyl, to cover fully assembled bottom end. With elastic securing hooks. Very small packed when not in use. One needs small repair (glue). Will sell individually.
Tank-to-tank hose
Tank-to-tank hose. With REGO fittings. Hose looks to be in good condition.
Nitrogen pressure regulator
Nitrogen pressure regulator, seems to be in good condition.
Cylinder trolley
Cylinder trolley, made by Cameron. Blue, some paint missing.
4x pole with cover in bag
4x pole, 1.03m long, 85.4cm of thicker pole length between the narrower stubs. 4x pole cover, brown suede, undamaged suede and zippers. Light blue lining, 3 are perfect, 4th one has a small mouse hole in it. In blue bag with few holes, but zipper works properly. Last used on a Cameron 77 basket.
Helium filler valve
Helium filler valve / pressure reducer, including cylinder key. Immediately available.
The Dangerous Sort
The Dangerous Sort, book by Anthony Smith. In as new condition.
2x Oxygen mask with flow regulator
2x Oxygen mask with flow regulator, made by NPO Poisk in Russia. Originally designed for climbers.
Nitrogen pressurizing regulator
Nitrogen pressurizing regulator, in working condition.
Scroop for Lindstrand LBL 180A
Scroop for Lindstrand LBL 180A, used but in fair condition. Some burning marks, one part has been replaced.
Adapter for filling Helium pibals
Adapter for filling Helium pibals. In good condition, immediately available.
Lindstrand RDS rope tube large
Lindstrand RDS rope tube, large. Including pvc pipe if wanted - but can ship without if preferred. In good condition, immediately available.
Pilot available for the 2019 season
Pilot available for the 2019 season, with 18 years of experience. Dutch ICAO CPL(FB) license with class D rating, first aid certificate, RT rating. Good English (LPE level 6) and good German speaking. Will convert to EASA license in 2019. Flown mainly in The Netherlands and last 4 seasons in Denmark, futher other Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium and also Taiwan, India and Spitsbergen. Available for flying in Europe and other places. Relocation can be discussed. Full CV on request available.
Book: 'Compleet Handboek Ballonvaren'
Book: 'Compleet Handboek Ballonvaren', dutch.
Fire extinguishing blanket
Fire extinguishing blanket, to extinguish fires on people or objects.
Rolling devices
The both rolling devices are placed on the trailer floor, on the left and right side of your trailer. The devices are made of Stainless Steel, fitted with waterproof bearing systems. Dimensions: 4cm by 30 cm. Also usable for big baskets.