Other equipment
Thunder & Colt Quick Release
Thunder & Colt Quick Release, with 2 used karabiners.
Airpusher, suitable for 105 envelope
Cameron 77 envelope bag
Cameron 77 envelope bag, blue, in good condition.
Pilot for winter season
Pilot with over 17 years and 1300 hrs of commercial experience in 10 countries, flying balloons in various sizes up to 425, of various brands like Cameron, Lindstrand, Kubicek and Ultramagic. Currently holding Commercial Group C license and instructor rating, available for winter season.
Bonanno Quick Release
Bonanno Quick Release, with 8 ton eyed rope, large tether ring and 3x 4-tonne karabiner (not all photographed).
4x Stubai steel karabiner
4x Stubai steel karabiner, oval shaped, 30 kN. 2 as new, 2 used but in good condition.
Caterpillar track transporter
Caterpillar track transporter Honda HP400 with platform for envelope bag.
Cylinder cover for Schroeder VA70
Cylinder cover for Schroeder VA70, fresh cleaned, no damages.
Pilot for hire
Pilot for hire, starting May 2019, willing to relocate anywhere worldwide. Approximately 3000 hrs total, 1000+ hrs in 315-450, 6 licences in different countries. Please send me a message and I will respond with CV, references etc.
Ultramagic basket cover
Ultramagic basket cover, made for C3 with swept top. Blue, with bungee straps and velcro belts on each corner. In excellent condition.
2x Cameron tank strap
2x Cameron tank strap, nylon with big plastic buckle, in excellent condition.
Basket side wall cushion
Basket side wall cushion, made for Ultramagic C3 basket but will fit other baskets. Can be cleaned. Currently located in UK, can ship.
Kubicek burner frame for K50TT
Kubicek burner frame for K50TT basket, in perfect condition. Including new heat shields. Can be used with triple or quad Ignis burner.
2x Basket cover
2x Basket cover, custom made for Ultramagic C3 but will fit similar, vinyl, to cover fully assembled bottom end. With elastic securing hooks. Very small packed when not in use. One needs small repair (glue). Will sell individually.
Set of 2 vapour valves
Set of 2 vapour valves, Müller, 01/07 (MM/YY), connection type EN 561-F, model DKD.
Ultramagic burner bag
Ultramagic padded burner bag, purchased new in 2017 (price when new € 400,-), for double burner. In excellent condition. Currently stored in UK, can help to arrange shipping if required.
Filser GS-7 transponder case
Filser GS-7 transponder case, with 7,2 Ah battery. No transponder included.
Helium filler valve
Helium filler valve / pressure reducer, including cylinder key. Immediately available.
Daffodil and The Golden Eagle
Daffodil and The Golden Eagle, book by Jonathan Yeatman. The saga of Two Balloons Crossing the Sahara. In as new condition.
The Dangerous Sort
The Dangerous Sort, book by Anthony Smith. In as new condition.
Africa in a Balloon
Africa in a Balloon, book by Jaume Llansana. In as new condition.
Cameron pole bag
Cameron pole bag, black, in used condition.
Cameron pole bag
Cameron pole bag, black, in good condition.
Cameron cylinder cover
Cameron cylinder cover, green, for Worthington or Cameron 40/45 liter cylinder. 69cm high, 120cm circumference, 38 cm diameter.
2x Oxygen mask with flow regulator
2x Oxygen mask with flow regulator, made by NPO Poisk in Russia. Originally designed for climbers.
Scroop for Lindstrand LBL 180A
Scroop for Lindstrand LBL 180A, used but in fair condition. Some burning marks, one part has been replaced.
Adapter for filling Helium pibals
Adapter for filling Helium pibals. In good condition, immediately available.
Lindstrand RDS rope tube large
Lindstrand RDS rope tube, large. Including pvc pipe if wanted - but can ship without if preferred. In good condition, immediately available.
Pilot available
Pilot available, Italian, male, UK CPL with Group A and B, as well aircraft pilot and air traffic controller - now looking for job as balloon pilot. Full time, freelance / part time or single spot events. Speaking very good English and basic French and Spanish. 140 hours experience flying balloons, total flying hours 2000. I will evaluate every offer.
Pilot available for the 2019 season
Pilot available for the 2019 season, with 18 years of experience. Dutch ICAO CPL(FB) license with class D rating, first aid certificate, RT rating. Good English (LPE level 6) and good German speaking. Will convert to EASA license in 2019. Flown mainly in The Netherlands and last 4 seasons in Denmark, futher other Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium and also Taiwan, India and Spitsbergen. Available for flying in Europe and other places. Relocation can be discussed. Full CV on request available.
Book: 'Compleet Handboek Ballonvaren'
Book: 'Compleet Handboek Ballonvaren', dutch.