Other equipment
Refueling hose
Refueling hose, built 2019, used for 1 season. LPG disc and TEMA fitting, with pressure release valve. In good condition.
Caterpillar track transporter
Caterpillar track transporter, suitable for envelopes up to 7.000 m3 / 245.000 ft3.
Quick release with karabiner
Quick release with 30 kN Stubai karabiner, used but in good condition.
VHF car antenna
VHF antenna with magnetical mount for car roof, built 2020, with 4.15m cable and BNC connector, frequency range 118 - 136 mHz.
Cold air inflatable
Ultramagic cold air inflatable, 2.5m, with storage bag and internal light. Artwork printed. 4 available.
Large Cameron burner frame
Large Cameron burner frame, dimensions 1.41m x 1.12m. In excellent condition.
Scoop for Kubicek BB30Z
Scoop for Kubicek BB30Z, blue, used but in serviceable condition.
Banner for Cameron N-90
Banner for Cameron N-90, yellow, with velcro. 7 panels wide. Previous artwork removed.
Ultramagic oxygen assisted pilot light
Ultramagic oxygen assisted pilot light for high altitude flights, TEMA vapour fittings.
Ballooning Company in the South of Europe
Ballooning Company in the South of Europe for sale, located 45 minutes from a big city. Ware house 250m 2 + 120m2 and a 80m2 office + own take off area with 9ha in a great flying area, two gas tanks for refueling. Seven complete balloons with total capacity of 90 passengers. 5x 4WD car and one bus for passengers transportation. Website with booking system everything controlled online, with good ranking on google. Lots of contacts, trade brands, everything ready to take off. Since 20 years we have organized safe flights, in 2021 over 3000 passengers were flown, still growing in 2022. Everything is in place to keep this company growing in the future.
Tank cover
Tank cover for Cameron CB599, green. Foam included if required.
Cylinder cover
Cylinder cover suitable for Thunder & Colt V30 cylinder, green, with foam padding and elasticated top and bottom.
Cameron Scoop
Cameron Scoop, blue, suitable for N-105. Various burning spots but no holes.
Cameron Scoop for A-140
Cameron Scoop, red, suitable for A-140. In very good condition, no burning holes or spots. Fits on a small burner frame (for open basket).
Air band antenna
Air band antenna, with small magnetic base. BNC connector, approximately 5m of cable.
Manual balloon roller
Manual balloon roller, fits envelopes of 7.000 m3 / 245.000 ft3 - tested with Kubicek BB70 (7.000 m3 / 245.000 ft3) and Lindstrand LBL240A (240.000 ft3). Can probably be used on a motorized caterpillar track transporter.
Scoop for Cameron C-80
Scoop for Cameron C-80, red nomex, only used for 1 flight, in as new condition.
Kubicek burner frame for K50TT
Kubicek burner frame for K50TT basket, in perfect condition. Including new heat shields. Can be used with triple or quad Ignis burner.