Other equipment
Operational ballooning company
Operational ballooning company in the tourist area of Agadir, Morocco. 2 complete Ultramagic balloons (105 and 160) including trailers. Complete package with office equipment, advertising, corporate clothing. Operations are based at Taroudant Airport in a 300m2 rented hangar. Ground crew and staff included, including contacts with General Dictorate of Civil Aviation in Morocco.
Cameron Scoop
Cameron Scoop, blue, suitable for N-105. Various burning spots but no holes.
Cameron Scoop for A-140
Cameron Scoop, red, suitable for A-140. In very good condition, no burning holes or spots. Fits on a small burner frame (for open basket).
Cameron 105 envelope bag
Cameron 105 envelope bag, blue, in good condition, no damages.
Air band antenna
Air band antenna, with small magnetic base. BNC connector, approximately 5m of cable.
Nitrogen pressurizing kit
Nitrogen pressurizing regulator with 5m hose, REGO fitting. In very good condition, rarely used.
24x leather cylinder belt
24x leather cylinder belt, various lengths between 145 and 170 cm. In used but good condition.
Scoop for Ultramagic M-77
Scoop for Ultramagic M-77, some burning marks, karabiners included.
Scoop for Ultramagic M-77
Scoop for Ultramagic M-77, small burning mark at the bottom, karabiners included. In very good condition.
Steel cables for Ultramagic M-77
Steel cables for Ultramagic M-77, in as new condition.
Ultramagic burner frame
Ultramagic burner frame, used on a Cameron single T 6+1 basket and A-180 envelope. Tube diameter for upright poles 3cm. 1.1m x 0.95m, for inner frame of 70cm wide. Fixed corners, with heat shield.
Cameron document bag
Cameron document bag, grey
Scoop for Cameron C-80
Scoop for Cameron C-80, red nomex, only used for 1 flight, in as new condition.
Kubicek burner frame for K50TT
Kubicek burner frame for K50TT basket, in perfect condition. Including new heat shields. Can be used with triple or quad Ignis burner.
Ultramagic burner frame
Ultramagic burner frame for double burner, fits C5-L basket.
Pilot available
Pilot available, experience since 2001. Commercial EASA BPL license with class D rating, first aid certificate, RT rating, tether rating. Perfect English (LPE level 6) and good German speaking. Flown in The Netherlands and last 5 summers in Denmark and Sweden, futhermore in Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium and also Taiwan, India, Spitsbergen. Available for flying in Europe and other places. Terms and conditions to be discussed. Resume available on request.