Other equipment
Cameron XXL pilot bag
Cameron XXL pilot bag, lightly used but bit dusty.
Lindstrand quick release
Lindstrand quick release, with brand new Cameron 4t strap and 2 brand new 2.5t karabiners. In great condition. Immediately available.
Inflatable balloon
Inflatable balloon, without artwork, possibility to put banner on (sample banner included).
Nitrogen pressure regulator
Nitrogen pressure regulator with hose and REGO fitting.
Air pusher
Air pusher, in good condition. Immediately available.
3x Airpusher in various sizes
3x Airpusher in various sizes: 1. For envelopes of max 120.000 ft3 / 3.400 m3 2. For envelopes of max 160.000 ft3 / 4.500 m3 3. For envelopes of 210.000 - 245.000 ft3 / 6.000 - 7.000 m3
Set of 2 vapour valves
Set of 2 vapour valves, Müller, 01/07 (MM/YY), connection type EN 561-F, model DKD.
Helium filler valve
Helium filler valve / pressure reducer, including cylinder key. Immediately available.
Aerostar envelope bag
Aerostar envelope bag, small, for envelopes up to 1800 m3 / 65.000 ft3. In very good condition.
Aerostar Raven attachment blocks
Aerostar Raven envelope attachment blocks, with pins, 8 pieces available
Aerostar Raven push pins
Aerostar Raven push pins, 3 pieces available
Cameron pole bag
Cameron pole bag, black, in used condition.
Cameron pole bag
Cameron pole bag, black, in good condition.
Schroeder envelope bag
Schroeder envelope bag for 34/24 (3.400 m3 / 120.000 ft3). In as new condition. Immediately available.
Cameron cylinder cover
Cameron cylinder cover, green, for Worthington or Cameron 40/45 liter cylinder. 69cm high, 120cm circumference, 38 cm diameter.
Scoop for Cameron O-84
Scoop for Cameron O-84, used but in fair condition. Some burning marks, one part has been replaced.
2x Oxygen mask with flow regulator
2x Oxygen mask with flow regulator, made by NPO Poisk in Russia. Originally designed for climbers.
Airpusher stainless steel
Airpusher, stainless steel, for hot air balloon envelopes 2.500 m3 up to 3.400 m3 / 84.000 up to 120.000 ft3.
Scroop for Lindstrand LBL 180A
Scroop for Lindstrand LBL 180A, used but in fair condition. Some burning marks, one part has been replaced.
Adapter for filling Helium pibals
Adapter for filling Helium pibals. In good condition, immediately available.
Lindstrand RDS rope tube large
Lindstrand RDS rope tube, large. Including pvc pipe if wanted - but can ship without if preferred. In good condition, immediately available.
Silva 80 compass
Silva 80 compass
Parachute for Cameron N-180
Parachute for Cameron N-180, hyperlast, red, 150 hrs. For standard deflation system. No pulleys included! In excellent condition.
Rückriegel pump for gastank
Rückriegel pump for gastank, price when new € 3.500,-)