Other equipment
Ruckriegel propane pump
Ruckriegel propane pump, operates on regular 220-240V. 3.3 kW flange engine. Operated without any issues, covered near gas tank, very good German quality product. Price when new: approximately € 3.700,-
Cameron CB8894 burner frame
Cameron CB8894 burner frame, 665 x 670mm corner to corner. Fixed corners, flat frame for double burners with gimbal block. Fits Cameron CB 3A baskets or similar, please consult manuals for compatibility with your basket.
Airpusher, suitable for envelopes up to 120.000 ft3. Immediately available.
Lindstrand First aid kit bag
Lindstrand First aid kit bag, blue, with basket attachment strap.
Scoop for Ultramagic M-130
Scoop for Ultramagic M-130, black nomex, approximately 200 hrs. No burn marks, only 2 small damages done by a mouse...
Fire blanket
Fire blanket, Kubicek, 1.8m x 1.8m, in red pocket.
Ultramagic burner frame
Ultramagic burner frame, used on a Cameron single T 6+1 basket and A-180 envelope. Tube diameter for upright poles 3cm. 1.1m x 0.95m, for inner frame of 70cm wide. Fixed corners, with heat shield.
Cylinder straps
Raven cylinder straps, 3x 1.50m, 3x 1.65m. 1x leather belt, 1.70m.
Cameron document bag
Cameron document bag, grey
Ultramagic pole bag
Ultramagic pole bag, red, used but in very good condition. Immediately available.
Scoop for Cameron C-80
Scoop for Cameron C-80, red nomex, only used for 1 flight, in as new condition.
2x Oxygen mask with flow regulator
2x Oxygen mask with flow regulator, made by NPO Poisk in Russia. Originally designed for climbers.
Scroop for Lindstrand LBL 180A
Scroop for Lindstrand LBL 180A, used but in fair condition. Some burning marks, one part has been replaced.
Adapter for filling Helium pibals
Adapter for filling Helium pibals. In good condition, immediately available.
Lindstrand RDS rope tube large
Lindstrand RDS rope tube, large. Including pvc pipe if wanted - but can ship without if preferred. In good condition, immediately available.
Heavy duty Ultramagic envelope bag
Heavy duty Ultramagic envelope bag. Suits up to a 425. Brand new, never used.
Pilot available
Pilot available, experience since 2001. Commercial EASA BPL license with class D rating, first aid certificate, RT rating, tether rating. Perfect English (LPE level 6) and good German speaking. Flown in The Netherlands and last 5 summers in Denmark and Sweden, futhermore in Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium and also Taiwan, India, Spitsbergen. Available for flying in Europe and other places. Terms and conditions to be discussed. Resume available on request.
Book: 'Compleet Handboek Ballonvaren'
Book: 'Compleet Handboek Ballonvaren', dutch.
Fire extinguishing blanket
Fire extinguishing blanket, to extinguish fires on people or objects.