Other equipment
Tema to REGO adapter
Tema (Female) to REGO (Male) adapter.
Tema to REGO adapter
Tema (Male) to REGO (Female) adapter.
Ultramagic cover for M30 cylinder
Ultramagic cover for M30 cylinder, black, with pocket. Hardly used, in excelelnt condition.
Caterpillar-track balloon roller
Caterpillar-track balloon roller, suitable for balloons up to 250.000 ft3 / 7.800 m3. Fitted with flippable front bar to lift the envelope and prevent driving over it with the transporter. Wide track to prevent tipping over sideways. The frame is easy removable to facilitate transportation of basket etc. Very powerful and stable construction, multiple identical devices used for many years in our company.
Hot air balloon business for sale in Luxembourg
Amazing opportunity to own the most profitable Hot Air Balloon business in Luxembourg. Based in Altwies, southeast of Luxembourg City, the company is operating since 2008. It is a very successful business, with year round potential and carrying an outstanding reputation within the community. I am in the process of downsizing the activities of my company Newspirit and will be selling the Hot Air Balloon part of the business. This business is very well established, with a proven track record, selling an average of 600 tickets yearly. Various important contracts with a variety of sponsors are still ongoing. The pertaining documentation is available upon request. Assistance over the coming summer season will be made available.
Cameron Scoop
Cameron Scoop, blue, suitable for N-105. Various burning spots but no holes.
Cameron Scoop for A-140
Cameron Scoop, red, suitable for A-140. In very good condition, no burning holes or spots. Fits on a small burner frame (for open basket).
Air band antenna
Air band antenna, with small magnetic base. BNC connector, approximately 5m of cable.
24x leather cylinder belt
24x leather cylinder belt, various lengths between 145 and 170 cm. In used but good condition.
Scoop for Ultramagic M-77
Scoop for Ultramagic M-77, some burning marks, karabiners included.
Scoop for Ultramagic M-77
Scoop for Ultramagic M-77, small burning mark at the bottom, karabiners included. In very good condition.
Steel cables for Ultramagic M-77
Steel cables for Ultramagic M-77, in as new condition.
Cameron document bag
Cameron document bag, grey
Scoop for Cameron C-80
Scoop for Cameron C-80, red nomex, only used for 1 flight, in as new condition.
Ultramagic burner frame
Ultramagic burner frame for double burner, fits C5-L basket.
Pilot available
Pilot available, experience since 2001. Commercial EASA BPL license with class D rating, first aid certificate, RT rating, tether rating. Perfect English (LPE level 6) and good German speaking. Flown in The Netherlands and last 5 summers in Denmark and Sweden, futhermore in Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium and also Taiwan, India, Spitsbergen. Available for flying in Europe and other places. Terms and conditions to be discussed. Resume available on request.