Model balloons
20m3 model balloon envelope
20m3 model balloon envelope, built 2019, rarely used, Cameron Viva replica.
60m3 Special shape model balloon envelope
60m3 Special shape model balloon envelope, built 2013, approximately 6 hrs. In perfect condition.
15m3 complete model balloon cloudhopper
15m3 Complete model balloon cloudhopper, built in 2019, approximately 10 hrs. Homebuilt with Boelling materials, with 60cl cylinder, mini Boelling burner, 2 magnetic valves, 1600 mAh battery. Transmitter and receiver included. In perfect condition.
Tekno style model balloon bottom end
Tekno style model balloon basket, basket dimensions 43cm x 33cm, with handling line and cylinder straps. 70mm burner and electric remote pilot light ignition. Basket cover. Control box not included. In very good condition, rarely used.