4x Worthington cylinders
4x Worthington cylinders, 2x master, 2x slave, REGO fitting, with red cover. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 03/2029. In good and clean condition. Comes with EASA Form 1.
4x Worthington cylinder
4x Worthington cylinder, built 1987, master, REGO fitting. No cover. Will be sold with fresh PRV/PPT/INT, with Form 1 of inspection.
3x Worthington cylinder
3x Worthington cylinder, built 1987 (1x) / 1989 (2x). REGO, 1x Master, 2x Slave. Red cover. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 07/2028.
2x Thunder & Colt V20 cylinders
2x Thunder & Colt V20 cylinders, 1x Master, 1x Slave. REGO fittings, including cover. PRV/PPT/INT expired, can be sold with new PRV/PPT/INT at extra cost.
Schroeder VA50 cylinder
Schroeder VA50 cylinder, built 04/1996. Slave, TEMA fitting, quick shut off valve. Red cover, rubber top ring. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 01/2025. In perfect condition, comes with EASA Form 1. Immediately available.
5x Schroeder VA50 cylinder
5x Schroeder VA50 cylinder, built 1992 (3x) / 1994 (2x), quick shut off valve, TEMA fitting, new black Schroeder cover. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 01/2029.
2x Cameron CB599 cylinders
2x Cameron CB599 cylinders, built 1999, REGO fittings, slave, navy blue cover. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2028. In good condition. Comes with fresh EASA Form 1.
4x Lindstrand T30 titanium cylinders
4x Lindstrand T30 titanium cylinders, built 1996. Usable volume 50 liter, weight when filled 37.5 kg. Quick shut off valve, REGO fitting, red cover. Recently inspected with x-ray (SB26). PRV/PPT/INT valid until 10/2025.
Cameron CB2380 Titanium cylinder
Cameron CB2380 Titanium cylinder, built 1999, usable volume 56 liter. REGO fitting, wheel valve, blue cover. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 07/2027.
Thunder & Colt V30 cylinder
Thunder & Colt V30 cylinder, built 1988, slave, quick shut off valve, TEMA fitting, black cover. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2025. In nice conditions. 4 dents in bottom but all well within limits.
Cameron CB2088 cylinder
Cameron CB2088 cylinder, built 1998, quick shut off valve, TEMA fitting, black cover. In good condition. PRV/PPT/INT expired since 08/2018.
7x Aerostar V15 cylinders
7x Aerostar V15 cylinders, built 1991, Usable volume 60 liters. REGO fittings, wheel valve, black cover. PRV/PPT/INT expired since 2016. One cylinder is incomplete as it has been used for spare parts.
2x Thunder & Colt V30 cylinders
2x Thunder & Colt V30 cylinders, built 1992, quick shut off valve, REGO fitting, green cover. In good condition. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 07/2027.