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In the Flytec Element range, there are 3 choices. A short comparison of the key functions is made below.
Of course, the Flytec 3040 and Flytec 6040 are available as well but not shown in this sheet.
  Element Alto
Element Speed
Element Track
Buttons and housing accent color Yellow Blue Green
Sunlight readable screen Monochrome LCD Monochrome LCD Monochrome LCD
Operation 4 buttons 4 buttons 7 buttons
Battery Type AA AA AA
Battery duration ~250h ~35h ~30h
Weight 122 g 130 g 135 g
Gloves friendly X X X
Fast and responsive vario X X X
Velcro mount included X X X
USB connection to PC     X

Software features
Altitude QNH, QFE, Custom QNH, QFE, Custom QNH, QFE, Custom
Groundspeed display   X X
Wind display   X X
Airspace display     X
Airspace alarm     X
IGC file     X
Waypoints     X
Routes     X
Available from stock In stock
In stock
In stock


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€ 288.43 excl 21% VAT

€ 419.00 incl 21% VAT
€ 346.28 excl 21% VAT