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Het vliegende schaap
Dutch writer Daphne Deckers wrote a new book for children. The title characters are the sheep, the duck and the rooster who where the first living beings that made a balloon flight.

"The history books are full of great heroes. People who have done something important, who have won, defended or invented. Joseph and his brother Etienne Montgolfier were such people. They built the first hot air balloon, and are the pioneers of aviation. However, this story is not about them. Or rather, not only about them. Because history also has little heroes, with names that everyone has forgotten or that almost no one knew. For example the name Georgette, a stubborn sheep that was born on the estate of the French Montgolfier family. Without Georgette, the history of aviation might have been quite different. But what has a sheep to do with a hot air balloon?"

This book is written in Dutch and on a reading level for kids of 10-12 years old. Undoubtedly a must have on your book shelf, but can be used as a (landing) gift as well!

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