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RAM Extension set for Flytec
We also supply a very unique extension set to mount your Flytec (compatible with all Flytec and Brauniger varios, except the Flytec 3000 / 4000 series like 3040, 4005 etc) on your RAM tablet mount. Of course, we can also assemble a specific mount for your Flytec, GPS, or Flytec together with your GPS. These mounts can easily be be fitted to either the tank top ring, or to the burner frame.

The RAM mounts are known to be very durable, and give a solid way to mount your instruments in a proper way for use during your flights.

All mounts are custom made based on your wishes. If you are looking for a proper and solid way to mount your tablet or any device in your basket and you need advise, feel free to contact us.

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