Marcel Pijnappel
PH-JLJ Cameron Z-180
PH-JLJ, Cameron Z-180, built 2011, 150 flights/hrs. Hyperlast top, Tri-Vent RDS, turning vents. Partially rebuilt (all fabric between Hyperlast top and Nomex) by Cameron Bristol in 2014, 70 flights/hrs since. Thunder & Colt 160/180 single T basket (CB8201), built 1998, approximately 700 flights/hrs. Green suede top rim, sidewall padding, fire extinguisher, drop line, Cameron quick-release cylinder straps. Thunder & Colt Stratus double burner (CB8720), built 1998, approximately 700 flights/hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. Hoses replaced 2020. 8x Cameron tall 60 liter cylinders, slave, REGO fitting. 2x Quick shut off valves, 6x hand wheel valve. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2024. 8.0 HP inflation fan, built 1998, stainless steel flip wheel frame, wooden propeller. 3.0m tandem axle Westfalia trailer, max load 2000kg, specially equipped for this 180.000 ft3: envelope cage in front which can be put in upright position to create space for the basket. Comes with various radio equipment: 2x Icom IC-A20 (with 1 table charger and 1 cover), 2x Icom IC-A3 (with table charger and 2x cover), 1x Icom IC-A25CE, 1x Icom IC-A16E. ARC valid until 07/06/2021.
PH-VBW Thunder & Colt 140A
PH-VBW, Thunder & Colt 140A, built 1998, 551 hrs, 508 flights. Hyperlast top, 2 turning vents, tri-vent deflation system. CofA expired in 2012, withdrawn from Dutch aircraft register in 2013.