Daniel Tarno
EC-HXP Ultramagic N-210
EC-HXP, Ultramagic N-210, built 2001, 528 flights, 552 hrs. Hyperlast top third. 140 panels (4 rows below Hyperlast top) replaced at 533 hrs. ARC valid until 15/07/2021.
Wanted: Bottomend for 10-12 passengers
Wanted: Bottomend for 10-12 passengers, either made by Cameron, Ultramagic or Kubicek. Must be in airworthy condition. All offers will be considered.
G-BMJP Colt AS-56 Airship
G-BMJP, Colt AS-56 Airship. Built 1985, 50 hrs. Silver Hyperlast top. Velcro for banners. No artwork. Konig engine. 2x 60 liter tanks.