Erik Jan Doornewaard
PH-EJT Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24
PH-EJT, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24, built 1999, 131 flights, 163 hrs. Hyperlast top (parachute plus 4 rows), turning vents. Original artwork has been removed. Only one flight (0:30 hrs) since 2005. Grab test at last inspection OK but very high fuel consumption. Probably only suitable for decoration, inflations or (full) rebuild. ARC expired since 10/10/2020.
PH-GPU Cameron N-90
PH-GPU, Cameron N-90, built 1996, 262 flights, 282 hrs. Hyperlast top third, turning vents. Mostly flown with only 2 passengers. ARC valid until 10/12/2020, will be sold with new ARC.
Thunder & Colt 105/120 bottom end
Thunder & Colt 105/120 (CB8003) swept top basket, built 1994, approximately 250 flights. 1.65m x 1.15m. Brown suede top rim, solid floor, 8 cylinder straps. Step holes on both sides. Thunder & Colt C3 double burner, built 1989, approximately 400 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, new hoses. Comes with fresh EASA Form 1. Will split.
Cameron 90/105 bottom end
Cameron 90/105 Aristocrat (CB300-4A) basket, built 1994, approx 450 flights / 550 hrs. Black suede top rim, sidewall padding, cushion floor. Anchor for pilot restraint harness. 8 leather tank belts, drop line, fire extinguisher, 2 document bags. Cameron Stealth / Shadow double burner (CB2244), built around 1998, approximately 500 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, hoses dated 2019. In height adjustable frame with flexible corners. Basket and burner both in very good condition. Will split if basket sells first. Comes with fresh EASA Form 1.
5.5 HP inflation fan
5.5 HP inflation fan, steel frame with fixed axle, wooden propeller. Propeller, cage and engine in good working condition.
2.5m single axle Westfalia trailer
2.5m single axle Westfalia trailer, built 1992. Polyester hood is in very good condition, always stored indoors. Metalwork needs some care. Completely fitted for ballooning with inflation fan mount, metal guard between envelope and polyester hood, nylon runners on floor. Strong gas struts.
Adapter for filling Helium pibals
Adapter for filling Helium pibals. In good condition, immediately available.
Scroop for Lindstrand LBL 180A
Scroop for Lindstrand LBL 180A, used but in fair condition. Some burning marks, one part has been replaced.
Ultramagic pole bag
Ultramagic pole bag, red, used but in very good condition. Immediately available.
Airpusher, rarely used, best suitable for envelopes of max 105.000 ft3, in good condition.
Basket trolley
Basket trolley, homebuilt, very sturdy but still easy to drive around, because of the rotating front wheel it needs only little space to turn. Previously used with a Cameron CB300-4A basket but probably suitable for other basket types too. For transporting inside the trailer, the trolly can easily be demounted into 3 parts. Suitable for rough terrain thanks to the big wheels.
Lindstrand basket mount strap
Lindstrand basket mount strap, blue, with plastic clips. Strap length 120cm. Distance between the clips is approximately 22cm. In good condition.
Wanted: Scoop for Cameron N-77
Wanted: Scoop for Cameron N-77, all offers will be considered.