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D-OZZZ Schroeder Fire Balloons G Sky Heart
D-OZZZ, Schroeder Fire Balloons G Sky Heart, built 2008, 157 flights, 171 hrs. 4.300 m3 / 150.000 ft3. Envelope weight 245 kg, maximum total take off weight 960 kg. Envelope rarely used, hence in excellent condition. Schroeder V basket, built 1995, approximately 1400 flights / 1500 hrs. Inside dimensions 1.55m x 1.25m x 1.10m. Red suede top rim, sidewall padding, cushion floor, drop line, fire extinguisher, first aid kit bag, fire blanket, radio bag, fire extinguisher bracket, pilot restraint anchor, quick release. Schroeder FB6 double burner, built 2003, 850 flights, 950 hrs. Vapour pilot lights, TEMA fittings, hoses dated 11/2013, hoses will be supplied with new ARC. 4x Schroeder VA50 cylinder (2x master, 2x slave). Quick shut off valve, TEMA fitting, red cover. 3x built 1995, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2026. 1x built 1997, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2027.

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