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Schroeder VII/7 bottom end
Schroeder VII/7 basket, built 2001, 775 hrs. Red leather top rim (replaced in 2014), sidewall padding, cushion floor, drop line, fire blanket, bag for fire extinguisher, quick release. Outside dimensions 2.15m x 1.45m, inner height 1.10m. Perfect suitable for 4.500 m3 - 5.000 m3 (160 - 180) envelope. Schroeder FB6 double burner, built 2001, 775 hrs. Vapour pilot lights, REGO fittings, hoses dated 2016. In height adjustable frame. Inspection expired 03/2023, no flights since. Can be sold with fresh inspection with EASA Form 1.


Hendrik Deleu
Hulste, Belgium
+32 - (0) 473 - 353052
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