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G-BWOY SkyBalloon 31-24
G-BWOY, SkyBalloon 31-24, built 2001, 50 flights, 58 hrs. Turning vents. Thunder & Colt SkyChariot single seat, built 1995, approximately 60 flights/hrs. Burgundy leather finish. Lindstrand quick release with rope. Thunder & Colt MK2 single burner, built 1995, approximately 60 flights/hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, hoses dated 18/2023. Thunder & Colt H30 horizontal 60 liter cylinder, built 1995, burgundy cover, quick shut off valve, REGO fitting. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 08/2033. 3.5 HP inflation fan, built 1995, fixed axle frame, wooden propeller. Will be sold with new ARC.

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