Gas balloons » D-OBYN Woerner NL-1000/STU netless gas balloon
D-OBYN Woerner NL-1000/STU netless gas balloon
D-OBYN, Woerner NL-1000/STU netless gas balloon, built 2003, 105 flights, 850 hrs. Envelope weight 155 kg (Nylon - Butyl - Hypalon fabric, 210 gr/m2. Never damaged nor repaired. Normal envelope ropes and lightweight competition ropes as spare included. Basket VI for 6 persons, 1.45m x 1.25m x 1.10m, weight 85 kg, with side opening and bed. Loadring in Chrome - Molybdšn - Steel, 900mm (5.5 kg). Strobe lights for night flying. 2x 12V battery, 25 Ah with electric switchbox and ground charger. Complete inflation equipment with 4x extra heavy duty ground holding straps. 52 lightweight flight ballast bags, 39 heavy duty ground ballast bags. Classic cocos 35mm trail rope, 50m, weight 16 kg.VHF transceiver Icom IC-A110E. Basis altimeter + variometer. Various small equipment like rain cover, antenna holders, basket organizers, karabiners, first aid kit, repair kit, binoculars. Tack R00597 tandem axle trailer, never used for other purposes than transporting this balloon. Complete set, ready to fly.


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