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G-MOKE Cameron V-77
G-MOKE, Cameron V-77, built 1995, 151 flights, 180 hrs. Hyperlast parachute + 1 row. Comes with spare scoop. Cameron 65/77 Aristocrat (CB300) basket, built 1995, 180 hrs. Brown suede top rim. Cameron MK4 Super double burner, built 1995, 180 hrs. Vapour pilot lights, REGO fittings, needs new hoses. 4x Cameron CB599 cylinders, built 1991/1992. 2x master, 2x slave. REGO fitting, PRV/PPT/INT expired. 5.0 HP inflation fan, fixed wheel frame, wooden propeller. ARC expired.


Guy Moyano and Georges Klomp
Winseler, Luxembourg
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