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OK-6363 Kubicek BB51Z
OK-6363, Kubicek BB51Z, built 2008, 514:45 hrs, 5.100 m3 / 180.000 ft3. RDS, turning vents, 3 velcro banner areas. Kubicek K32T basket, built 2009, inside dimensions 2.4m x 1.6m. Brown leather top rim, sidewall padding, drop line, fire extinguisher, door, 2 removable chairs. Kubicek Ignis double burner, built 2008, liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, hoses dated 2010. 4x Thunder & Colt V30 cylinder, slave, black cover, quick shut off valve, REGO fitting. 3x built 1988, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2027. 1x built 1987, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2028. Flytec 3040 with TT34 temperature transmitter. Not flown since 2018. ARC expired, can be delivered with new ARC.

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