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Kubicek K22 bottom end
Kubicek K22 basket with fixed partition, built 2012, 94 flights. 1.80m x 1.25m. Blue suede top rim, side wall padding, cushion floor. Extra row of carrying handles on outside. Open weave, basket door and removable chair. Drop line, fire extinguisher bag, first aid kit bag, fire blanket, pilot restraint harness. Basket is custom adapted to fit Cameron CB8824 (fixed height, off-centre burner mounting position) gimbal block burner frame. Cameron CB8720 double Stratus burner, built 2001, 380 flights. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. Hoses dated 03/2019. Suitable for 4/5 passengers or seat and 2 passengers. Seat is very easy to install and remove. In very good condition.


Jan van Manen
Barneveld, The Netherlands
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