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PH-EPH Ultramagic N-250
PH-EPH, Ultramagic N-250, built 2007, 336 flights, 375 hrs. Ultralast top (parachute + green fabric), smart vent, turning vents. Temp label reads 99 degrees C. Always flown light (max 10 passengers and single T basket), hence low gas consumption. Lindstrand LBL single T basket, built 2000, approximately 1100 flights / 1200 hrs. 2.70m x 1.52m. Blue leather top rim, cushion floor, sidewall padding, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, drop line. Lindstrand LBL Jetstream triple burner, built 2000, approximately 1100 flights / 1200 hrs. Liquid pilot light, REGO fittings, hoses dated 2020 (2x) and 2022 (1x). Immediately available. Bottom end and envelope can be sold separately. ARC valid until 04/2023. Will not ship, collection only!


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