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HB-QMP Kubicek BB51Z
HB-QMP, Kubicek BB51Z, built 2007, 185 flights, 280 hrs. 5.100 m3 / 180.000 ft3. Smart vent, turning vents. Artwork sewn on and can be removed. Kubicek K25P basket, built 2004, 650 flights, 820 hrs. Outside dimensions 2.2m x 1.35m. Black suede top rim, fire extinguisher, drop line, pilot restraint harness, dittel basket antenna, 2x 2-tank manifold, quick release. Kubicek Ignis double burner, built 2007, 400 flights, 560 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. Hoses valid until 04/2027. 4x Schroeder VA70 cylinder: 2x built 1995 (PRV/PPT valid until 05/2024, INT valid until 04/2022), 2x built 1997 (PRV valid until 05/2029, PPT valid until 03/2023, INT valid until 04/2022). All slave, REGO fittting, quick shut off valve, red cover. 9.0 HP inflation fan, built 2004, stainless steel flip wheel frame, carbon fiber propeller. Böckmann K2035A tandem axle trailer, built 2004, inside dimensions 3.45m x 1.55m. Max load 1330 kg. Side door, half of roof can be opened to drive with built up bottom end. Toyota HiAce 2.7L 4WD, built 2004, 8 seats, 180.000 km, new annual inspection, always maintained and running perfect. ARC valid until 04/2022.


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