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F-GNTV Cameron N-77
F-GNTV, Cameron N-77, built 1996, 483 flights, 448 hrs. In worn condition, porous fabric. Raven RWS basket, built 1995, 483 flights, 448 hrs. Inside dimensions 1.27m x 1.02m. Red leather top rim, cushion floor, fire extinguisher, drop line. Raven HP6D double burner, built 1995, 483 flights, 448 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, hoses dated 06/2005, with burner bag. 5x Worthington cylinders, built 1985 (3x) / 1987 / 1994, REGO fitting, PRV/PPT/INT expired since 2016. 5.0 HP inflation fan, flip wheel frame, wooden propeller. Saris S4-750 single axle trailer with PVC cover in 2 parts. Built 1999, inside dimensions 2.6m x 1.3m x 1.5m. Max load 750 kg. ARC expired.

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