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D-OEMA Schroeder Fire Balloons G 22/24
D-OEMA, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 22/24 Racer, built 2013, 115 flights, 138:55 hrs. 2.200m / 77.000 ft3. Thermolast top third. Wire for temperature sensor is fitted. Schroeder size 3 basket, built 2003, black leather top rim, sidewall padding, cushion floor, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, fire blanket, various bags. Outside handles on middle of basket for easy carrying. Schroeder FB6 double burner, built 2001, vapour pilot lights, TEMA fittings. All hoses replaced and valve maintenance 2019. Always inspected by Schroeder factory. 6x Schroeder VA50 cylinders, built 1999, 4x master 2x slave. TEMA fittings. New valves in 2019, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2029. 8.0 HP inflation fan, stainles steel flip wheel frame, carbon fiber propeller. Oil changed 2015, little use since. Single axle trailer with pvc cover, built 1989, rebuilt in 2001, new axle and electrics in 2012. Dittel FSG71 air band transceiver, upgraded to 8.33 kHz in 2018, new battery. Schroeder altimeter. Special cart to easily move the envelope. Nitrogen pressurizing kit. ARC valid until 02/2021.


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