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G-CHKT Kubicek BB22 E
G-CHKT, Kubicek BB22 E, built 2013, 93 hrs. 2.200 m3 / 77.000 ft3. Polyester fabric, regular parachute. Thunder & Colt basket, built 1989, 350 hrs. Red suede top rim, cushion floor, fire extinguisher, drop line. Thunder & Colt C2 double burner with vapour pilot lights, Thunder & Colt C3 double burner with liquid pilot lights. 3x Worthington cylinders, built 1989, 2x master, 1x slave. REGO fitting, red cover, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2024. 5.0 HP inflation fan, built 1989, fixed axle, wooden propeller. Trickers tandem axle trailer, built 2017, inside dimensions 3.3m x 1.86m, barn doors, max load 1800 kg. ARC valid until 08/2021.


Douglas Beckwith
Peterborough, United Kingdom
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