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G-UUPP Cameron C-70
G-UUPP, Cameron C-70, built 2014, 12 flights, 8:45 hrs. 100% silicone lightweight fabric, full height nomex and scoop, lightweight loadtapes. Envelope weight 71 kg. Cameron Concept 80 flat top open weave basket. Black leather top rim, sidewall padding, cushion floor, leather covered basket handles. Basket weight 65 kg. Quick release with restraint line, fire extinguisher, fire blanket. Cameron Shadow double burner, built approximately 2000, 20 flights. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, in height adjustable frame with fixed corners. Comes with extra karabiners and tether rings. Padded burner bag. Current hoses satisfactory, new hoses can be offered. 4x Lindstrand LBL T30 titanium cylinders, built 1995, slave, quick shut off valves, REGO fittings, black cover. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 12/2023. 9.0 HP inflation fan, built 2012, stainless steel flip wheel frame, carbon fiber propeller. Full tether kit including 3x V-bridles, 3x 30m tether lines and 5 ton karabiners. Refueling hose and adaptors. 3.0m clam shell trailer available by separate negotiation. Envelope always stored dry in heated workshop. All in as-new condition. Comes with new ARC or export CofA.


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