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SP-BBU Kubicek BB42Z
SP-BBU, Kubicek BB42Z, built 2005, 550 flights, 650 hrs. 4.200 m3 / 150.000 ft3. Smart vent, turning vents. Artwork can stay. Grabtest OK, fuel consumption normal. Kubicek K22 basket, red leather top rim. Leather bit worn in several places but not torn. Weight 114kg, 1.8m x 1.25m. Cane in very good condition as always covered by PVC banners. Handles inside and outside in very good condition. Including cylinder straps, fire extinguisher, first aid pocket, drop line. Kubicek Komet Duo double burner, built 2005, 480 hrs (replaced by Ignis - not included - in 2017 hence the lower hours. In very good technical and optical condition. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. 2x Schroeder VA70 cylinders, built 1997, REGO fitting, quick shut off valve, red cover, PRV/PPT/INT expired since 07/2018. 8.0 HP inflation fan, built 2005, steel flip wheel frame, multi blade propeller. ARC valid unitl 08/2021. Immediately available. Will split.


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