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PH-DID Ultramagic M-145
PH-DID, Ultramagic M-145, built 2000, 165 flights, 187:35 hrs. Hyperlast top (red/white top third), smart vent, turning vents. Lindstrand LBL Single T basket with removable partition, built 2000, inside dimensions 2.05m x 1.22m x 1.15m. Blue leather top rim, sidewall padding, cushion floor, drop line, fire extinguisher, pilot restraint harness, fire blanket, quick release. Lindstrand LBL Jetstream Series 2 double burner, built 2000. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, hoses dated 08/2019. ARC valid until 08/2020.


Pieter Kooistra
Joure, The Netherlands
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