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PH-WAV Cameron N-120
PH-WAV, Cameron N-120, built 1993, 272 hrs. Hyperlast top and parachute (all colored fabric), turning vents. Schroeder V basket, built 1994, 500 hrs, red leather top rim, with drop line, fire extinguisher, first aid kit. Schroeder FB5 double burner, built 1994, 500 hrs. Vapour pilot lights, REGO fittings, valve seals and hoses replaced in 2015. 4x Schroeder VA50 cylinders, 2x master, 2x slave. REGO fitting, quick shut off valve, red cover. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2025. 8.0 HP inflation fan, Honda engine, stainless steel flip wheel frame, carbon fiber propeller. Westfalia 3.0m tandem axle trailer, built 1996. Equipment in very good condition and ready to fly. ARC valid until 04/2020.


Sven Clement
Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands
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