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HB-QOQ Lindstrand LBL 180A
HB-QOQ, Lindstrand LBL 180A, built 2009, 174 flights, 359 hrs. 100% hyperlast, double coated (aluminium on outside, silicone on inside), Q-Vent fast deflation system, turning vents. Gas consumption 40 kg/hr in summer, 25 kg/hr in winter with pilot + 6 passengers. Ultramagic C7 basket, built 2004, 390 flights, 806 hrs. Black suede top rim, sidewall padding, fire extinguisher, drop line, quick release. Inside dimensions 2.00m x 1.40m, weight 135 kg. Ultramagic MK-21 double burner, built 2009, 195 flights, 400 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, TEMA fittings, hoses dated 01/2019. Fitted with solenoid valves for remote control/auto pilot. 6x Cameron 80 liter Titanium cylinders, built 2004, 86 flights, 178 hrs. Slave, quick shut off valves, red cover. Empty weight including cover 14.2kg. PRV/INT valid until 08/2019, PPT valid until 05/2024. 13.0 HP inflation fan, built 2004, Honda engine, fixed axle, stainless steel frame, carbon fiber 8-blade propeller. Humbaur tandem axle trailer, built 2004, inside dimensions 4.25m x 1.75m. Max load 2500 kg. Flytec 3040 with TT34 transmitter, Flytec 4020, AvMap EKP-4 GPS, night flying flash light equipment, Oxygen system (EDS-D1, on demand system), 4 electronic units and 2 oxygen cylinders (2L / 4L), avionics unit with Funkwerk ATR-833 OLED airband transceiver and TRT-800H OLED transponder, with ADS-B, 13.6 Ah Lithium battery, Peltor MT9 headset. All equipment 1 owner since new. ARC valid until 28/08/2019.

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