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OY-KOS Lindstrand LBL 56B
OY-KOS, Lindstrand LBL 56B, built 2006, 200 flights/hrs. Regular parachute. Colt 1m x 1m basket, built 1980, 400 flights/hrs. Brown suede top rim, fire extinguisher, used but in good shape. Basket fitted with bicycle mounts. Colt C2 double burner, built 1980, 400 flights/hrs. Vapour pilot lights, REGO fittings. Hoses dated 05/2013. Honda 4.0 HP inflation fan, fixed axle frame, wooden propeller. 2x Worthington cylinder, master built 1979, slave built 1979. 1x Colt V20 cylinder, slave, built 1990. All 400 flights/hrs, REGO fitting, blue cover. PRV valid until 2022, PRV/PPT valid until 2025. Tailor made aluminium trailer with pvc cover, built 2012. Flytec 4005 instrument. Quick release. ARC valid until 04/2020. Complete, compact and light setup, easy to handle.


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