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EC-LCT Ultramagic S-130
EC-LCT, Ultramagic S-130, built 2008, 174 flights, 315:15 hrs, 100% ultralast. Smart vent, turning vents. Never been overheated. Ultramagic C6 basket, built 2008, 174 flights, 315:15 hrs. Brown leather top rim, sidewall padding, removable partition. Fire extinguisher, drop line, pilot restraint harness. Ultramagic MK10 double burner, built 2008, 174 flights, 315:15 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, hoses dated 05/2018. 8.0 HP inflation fan, stainless fixed axle frame, carbon fiber propeller. Single axle trailer, built 2008, max axle load 1500 kg, max trailer load limited to 750 kg. Will be delivered with fresh ARC.

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