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G-BWIX SkyBalloon 120-24
G-BWIX, SkyBalloon 120-24, built 1995, 260 hrs. Hyperlast top (3 rows), turning vents. Lindstrand LBL open basket, built 1996, 263 hrs. Black leather top rim, sidewall padding, cushion floor, fire extinguisher, drop line. Lindstrand LBL Jetstream double burner, built 1996, 248 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, with red Lindstrand burner bag. 3x Thunder & Colt V30 cylinders, 1x Lindstrand V30 cylinder. All slave, REGO, Quick Shut Off valves, red cover, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 08/2024. 2x 2-tank manifold. Last flown 01/09/2018. Signs of porosity due to age. ARC valid until 23/05/2019.

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