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OO-BIA Kubicek BB70Z
OO-BIA, Kubicek BB70Z, built 05/2012, 118 flights, 126:20 hrs. Parachute + 9 rows Hyperlast (dark blue top), rest is polyester fabric. Smart vent, turning vents. 7.000 m3 / 245.000 ft3. Kubicek K50TT basket (8 poles) built 06/2010, 152 flights, 162:20 hrs. Outside dimensions 3.1m x 1.6m, with one basket door. Black suede top rim, deluxe sidewall padding, cushion floor, drop line, fire extinguisher, 8 tank straps, teflon strips on runners. Kubicek Ignis triple burner, built 06/2010, 152 flights, 162:20 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, hoses valid until 06/2026. 4x Ultramagic M40D cylinders, built 2006, 265 flights, 282 hrs. Master, quick shut off valve, REGO fitting. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 03/2026. Artwork can stay if sold outside Benelux (sponsor agreement ended in 2018). ARC valid until 14/05/2019. Available from January 2019.

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