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G-TKNO Ultramagic S-50
G-TKNO, Ultramagic S-50, built 2011, 33 flights, 30 hrs. Lightweight silicone coated fabric (envelope weight 50 kg). Tempilabel not registering. Ultramagic Tekno foldable basket, built 2011, 33 flights, 30 hrs. 1.00m x 0.80m, navy blue, with internal and external cylinder securing systems, fire extinguisher, drop line, pilot restraint harness. Ultramagic Powerplus Sport single burner, built 2011, 33 flights, 30 hrs. Hoses dated 07/2011. Liquid pilot light, REGO fittings, can be removed easily from burner frame. Navy blue cordura padded luggage bags for basket and burner. Various extras included, like lightweight Thunder & Colt 3 HP inflation fan, built 1995, special light weight frame (no wheels), wooden propeller. ARC valid until 16/12/2019. Will not split, only to be sold as complete set.

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