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Homebuilt lightweight foldable basket
Homebuilt lightweight foldable basket, built 2018, 3 flights, 2 hrs. Red cordura top rim. Dimensions 0.8m x 0.9m. Weight 20kg (excl burnerframe and burner). Plywood floor with ash runners, cordura sides with integrated bracing straps, sleeved TIG welded stainless steel tubes, integrated tank strapping points, swaged stainless steel suspension cables, Cameron spec nylon upright supports, fits standard full size burner frame. Designed to fly under 17.000 ft3 - 42.000 ft3 homebuilt envelopes in favourable conditions. No added protection of heavy double skin and solid boards like other manufacturers kits, the fabric is only to prevent you fall out. Prototype, sold with no guarantees. Homebuilt, Annex 2, not EASA certified.

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