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G-BRSA Cameron N-56
G-BRSA, Cameron N-56, built 1989, 115 hrs. 100% polyester fabric which could explain the good condition. Well looked after, only small hole and scorch mark in scoop. Weight 104kg. Thunder basket, built 1989, outside dimensions 1.20m x 1.12m. Brown suede top rim, including cylinder straps. Colt C2 double burner, vapour pilot lights, hoses and overall in good condition. REGO fittings. 4x Worthington cylinders. Built 1979. 2x Master, 2x Slave, Red cover, valves and regulators replaced, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2027. Thunder & Colt 5.0 HP inflation fan, older version but works fine. Wooden propeller, serviced in 2017. ARC valid until 27/04/2019.


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