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G-BYOX Cameron Z-90
G-BYOX, Cameron Z-90, built 1999, 164 flights, 170 hrs flown, 71 hrs tethered. Hyperlast top (parachute + 5 rows), turning vents. Artwork removed in 2010 by replacing 54 panels with new fabric. Slightly porous but plenty of life left in. Cameron 90/105 tucked basket, built 1999, 300 flights/hours. Brown leather top rim, double row of rope handles all around. Sidewall padding, cushion floor, fire extinguisher, drop line, storage pockets, RDS line bag. Leaning over a bit but in fair condition. Cameron Stealth/Shadow double burner. Built 1999, 600 flights/hrs. In gimbal block frame, liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. Fully serviced in 08/2017, whisper burner seals replaced in 01/2018. ARC valid until January 2019.


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