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G-BUYO Thunder & Colt 77A
G-BUYO, Thunder & Colt 77A, built 1993, 297 hrs. Top third Hyperlast, clear windows in parachute, turning vents. 4 karabiners. Passes full strength grab test on all colours. Some mildew on lower panels (customs storage in tropics), washed inside and outside with Camerons envelope cleaner to stop further deterioration. Excellent envelope with plenty of life left in it. Temp label reading max 93 degrees C. Cameron flat top basket, inner dimensions 1.08m x 1.02m, outer dimensions 1.18m x 1.06m. Inner height 1.01m, outer height 1.05m. Black leather top rim. Cushion floor. 4 karabiners, drop line, 4x Cameron Nylon cylinder strap. PVC basket cover (1.30m x 1.12m, 0.77m high), with bungee cord and hooks. Cameron MK4 Super double burner, built 1991, approximately 350 hrs. Vapour pilot lights, multihole jets. REGO fittings. Cameron royal blue burner bag. Basket and burner in excellent condition. Comes with fresh inspection, ARC can be issued at cost. Willing to split. All items can be delivered with EASA Form 1 if required. Currently stored near Newbury, Great Britain.


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