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G-OZSB GefaFlug AS-105-GD
G-OZSB, GefaFlug AS-105-GD, envelope built 2006, 19:40 hrs. Cart and burners built 2000, 1256:25 hrs. Rotax 582UL Engine, built 2005, 213:50 hrs (1 hrs since overhaul 03/2020). 3x Cameron CB2380S Titanium cylinders (60 liter), TEMA fittings, PRV/PPT/INT will be done at CofA. Comes with trailer, tarps, all accessory equipment to inflate and fly, 2 new unused nose banners, and a second non-airworthy envelope. In very clean condition (always used tarps, even on green grass). Ready to fly on delivery. Will come with valid CofA.


David Wakefield
Sacramento, United States
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