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OO-BZV Lindstrand LBL 240A
OO-BZV, Lindstrand LBL 240A, built 04/2009, 178 flights, 201:20 hrs. Hyperlast top (80%), Smart vent, turning vents. Artwork can stay, domain is included! Lindstrand LBL double T basket, built 08/2004, 292 flights, 318:45 hrs. Size '24', 3.00m x 1.52m. Black suede top rim, cushion floor, side wall padding, fire extinguisher, drop line. Lindstrand LBL Jetstream Series 2 triple burner, built 08/2004, 292 flights, 318:45 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, hoses valid until 04/2021. 3x Lindstrand LBL V40 (80 liter) cylinders, built 05/2000, 598 flights, 668 hrs. Master, wheel valve, REGO fitting. Black cover. PRV valid until 06/2020. PPT/INT valid until 05/2026. 1x Lindstrand LBL V30 (60 liter) cylinder, built 11/2000, 421 flights, 459:45 hrs. Master, wheel valve, REGO fitting, black cover. PRV valid until 11/2027. PPT/INT valid until 02/2026. Honda 13.0 HP inflation fan, stainless steel flip wheel frame, wooden propeller. BCW tandem axle V2/2000 trailer, built 03/2011. Max load 2000 kg, tailor made for this specific equipment. Flytec 3040, calibration valid until 05/2021. Filser TRT800 transponder, Filser TRT833 radio. ARC valid until 19/06/2018. Immediately available. Only to be sold as complete set.


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