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PH-NYK Lindstrand LBL 150A
PH-NYK, Lindstrand LBL 150A, built 2003, 190 hrs / flights. Hyperlife top (6 rows), standard parachute, rotation vents. Schroeder VI (6) basket, built 1993, red leather top rim, side wall padding, fire extinguisher, drop line. Lindstrand Jetstream double burner, built 2004, liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. 4x Schroeder VA50 cylinders, built 1993, black cover, quick shut off valves with REGO fittings, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2021. Schroeder 8.0 HP inflation fan, with carbon fiber propeller and stainless steel flip wheel frame. Built 1993. Lindstrand quick release. Schroeder Hofmann tandem axle trailer, outside dimensions 3.20m x 1.40m x 1.40m, max load mass 950 kg. Always stored inside, never flown with more than 5 passengers. Will be delivered with valid ARC and inspection documents.

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