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Complete kit G-ELEE has been stolen from Worsall near Yarm Stockton-on-tees (United Kingdom) between Sunday 15th and Monday 16th of July.

G-ELEE, Cameron Z-105, multicolour envelope, CN 4882.

Cameron CB300-4A, CN BH1174

Cameron Sirocco CB2694, CN 0086/0172

Worthington 59828J with brown cover,
Worthington 59568J with brown cover,
Worthington 59704J with brown cover,
Cameron CB426 4411-6444 with red cover,
Cameron CB426 4411-6447 with red cover,
Cameron CB426 5441-7051 with blue cover,
Cameron CB426 5441-7055 with blue cover

Altimeter/Vario in oak box.

Inflation fan:
Honda 8HP Inflation fan.

Westfalia twin axle trailer with registration plate SL58FLA.
Type: 118651F521
Chassis Number: WWW128863YW437777

The trailer has a customized metal box at the front, very distinctive, plus steps at the rear. In here were: v-bridle, fuel hoses x3, helium cylinders, Bonanno Quick release, karabiners, tether rings, tyre pump, plus spares of just about anything else you would need on a launchfield.

UPDATE: Trailer has been reported found abandoned but undamaged, with all equipment being still in the trailer. The equipment will be reunited with the legal owner soon. Only things missing are some small items which were stored in the box on the front of the trailer.

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