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PH-MKO Kubicek BB45
Last Tuesday, November 22nd, the next balloon has been stolen from a locked garage in the Netherlands. The balloon has been stolen including the trailer.

A witness has described the thief: 'Dutch looking guy, black leather jacket, normal shaped, 1.85cm. Lightbrown, half long, kind of wide hair. Strange looking eyes. After nervous walking around, he got into the garage directly with key'. Half an hour later he was seen with a car and trailer. Probably this guy has been seen one day before as well. There are no signs of breaking the hitchlock.

PH-MKO, Kubicek BB45 (160.000 ft3). White envelope, large artwork '', black scoop, CN 415.

Kubicek K22 basket, 1.80 x 1.20m, not partitioned. Black suede top rim, dark blue sidewall padding (front side). CN 215.

Cameron MK4 Burner CB579, CN S1816-S2079,
Cameron MK4 Burner CB2075-2, CN B110-B111.

Worthington 12702J,
Worthington 12843J,
Worthington 21013J,
Worthington 35045J.
2 of them are master, 2 are slave.

Honda 4.5 HP.

Aluminium open trailer, locked with yellow hitchlock.

UPDATE: After almost 4 years since theft, the equipment - in very poor condition - has been recovered by the Dutch police.

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